The No-Salt Water Conditioner

Solves Common Water Problems:


  • Easy setup & installation
  • No electrical power required
  • No drain
  • No Maintenance or Repairs
  • No Backwash lowers water consumption and cost
  • No water softening salt to purchase

NOTE: No electrical power required, no plumbing cost to hook up drain, no backwash required, eliminates all unnecessary water usage and no water softening salt to purchase.

All these cost savings only come with a Soft-Tec™ – No Salt Water Softening System compared to a traditional water softener.


  • No scale buildup on fixtures and appliances
  • Scale prevention
  • Essential minerals are no longer removed from the water supply
  • Clothes are softer, cleaner, brighter
  • Dishes are cleaner with less soap and hard water spotting
  • Appliances using water such as dishwasher, clothes washer, water heaters, boilers, ice makers etc. last longer and are more efficient.

Soft-Tec™ – the No Salt Water Conditioner frequently asked questions

nosaltsoftenerWhat are the differences between traditional water softener and the Soft-Tec™ no salt water softener?

  • Easy setup & installation
  • No power thus lower electricity cost
  • No drain
  • No Backwash lowers water consumption and cost
  • No water softening salt to purchase
  • No Maintenance or Repairs

How does Soft-Tec™ the No Salt Water Conditioner function?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content mainly dissolved magnesium and calcium carbonate (temporary hardness). Soft-Tec™ – the No Salt Conditioner has a media which transforms the dissolved magnesium and calcium carbonate into calcite crystals. When the crystals reach size in the range of nanometer (microscopic) they detach and are carried away by the water flow. The crystals are heat resistant and do not revert to dissolved state.

Will the water test soft after Soft-Tec™ the No Salt Water Conditioner system is installed?

Yes and No. Depending on the test chemicals used to perform hardness test. Most chemicals used to test hardness will dissolve the crystals and the test result will be the same as non treated water. Remember that calcium and magnesium is still in your water, it’s just in a solid crystal form. For visual purpose imagine the calcite crystals as tiny glass marbles which do not adhere to a surface as dissolved calcium.

mum-and-babyWhat effects should I expect after installing Soft-Tec™ the No Salt Water Conditioner System?

  1. On new construction home; soft water that will feel silky and none of the lime scale deposits on bath tubs, shower glass and plumbing fixtures.
  2. On existing home; with or without “classical” softener you may notice that the water is becoming harder in the beginning as piping scale begins dissolving. It will improve daily as the existing scale melts away. Depending on the thickness of the existing scale it will take some weeks and up to 90 days to remove 100%. The dissolved scale is easily wiped off with a cloth or a sponge. Once descaling is completed your pipes are free of lime scale build up.

Will Soft-Tec™ the No Salt Water Conditioner descale my existing lime scale build up on toilets, shower/tub enclosures, faucets, etc.?

Because there is not direct water flow across these surfaces other than water splashing the old scale has to be removed manually using lime removal cleaners. Any new accumulation will wipe off easily.

If you use a dishwasher and replace salt based softener with Soft-Tec™ – the No Salt Conditioner you may notice some calcium spotting on glassware. This will diminish to the residual level of the calcium present in your water supply when the descaling is finished. In the interim add a half cup of household vinegar to the rinse cycle to eliminate short term spotting problem. You should switch to a phosphate free dishwasher detergent and reduce your soap usage to the level you use with a traditional water softener.

During descaling period flush your water heater for about five minutes once a week. Once descaling is completed your water heater will be more energy efficient and last longer. Additional benefits with Soft-Tec™ – the No Salt Conditioner are 50% less soap and detergent use and best of all not having all that corrosive sodium in your water.

heating_coil_scaleWhat are the operating conditions?

Contact time with water 9 seconds, pH range 6.5-11, chlorine less than 3 ppm, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide must be removed prior to Soft-Tec™. Soft-Tec™ – the No Salt Conditioner media is not limited to the water hardness therefore we can design any size system.

Isn’t potassium a better alternative to Soft-Tec™ the No Salt Water Conditioner?

No!!! It is not the healthy potassium (K) used as a regenerates. It is potassium chloride (KCL), a substitute for salt (sodium chloride) with same adverse effects to humans, environment etc. They both remove valuable calcium and magnesium from the water supply.

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