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Each single posted quote is authentic and we keep the hard copies on file. We have 975 testimonials to our service so far.

  • Thank you for all of your help in treating our water.  We couldn't have dealt with a more efficient reliable company! Best customer service I've received in a long time.

  • Service was always prompt, efficient and good advice.

    Frank & Virginia
  • We are very satisfied with the service we have received so far.

  • Unbelivable friendly & informative service. Never experianced anything quite like it!!

    Sarah - Kinder Garden Preschool
  • Tea and coffee taste much better.

  • Excellent

  • Less soaps, shampoo, etc. Cleans clothes, dishes, pots, etc better.

    The McRae's
  • My gratitude for your professionalism, technical expertise and courteous manner. Your company should be proud.

  • Knowledge and Prompt Service.

    Allan & Faye
  • No staining. We can drink it!

  • System fully restored to previous output. Very satisfied.

    Ruby & Cory
  • Excellent service and quick to respond.

  • It was great. No more water stains or smell.

    Angel & Lucas
  • System works great. Water quality is even better than it ever was with our kinetico system.

    Nick and Kelly
  • An incredible difference!  The improvement over the old system (softener, iron filter) is amazing.  We no longer have red water, no smell and the system is doing great.

    Alice & Charles
  • We really notice that we feel softer and use less detergent

  • Amazing. We are very happy with the service and product. Thank you!

    Billy and Vickie
  • Excellent! It's how I wish every visit by a contractor or service tech would go.

    Brian & Connie
  • No more chlorine smell.

    Dan & Brett
  • Wonderful drinking water - definitely better than bottled water.

  • Wonderful. It's refreshing to deal with a company that comes across as trustfull, competent and caring. Jonathan... one of the best sales consultants I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

  • Smell (sulfur) is much better as is taste.

  • All was done very professionally.

  • Customer service is excellence.  From office staff to technicians very positive experience.

    Kim & Grant
  • There are no stains in the toilet or bathtub and the R/O water tastes much better. Great customer service is hard to find these days.

    Joe & Sarah
  • ... it is reassuring that a professional has carried out the work and given appropriate advice.

    Simon & Clair
  • It's been just wonderful!... Mr. Swan knows his stuff. Awesome, so nice and the water is so so clean.  NICE!!

    Roger & Lorraine
  • Great, friendly, on time service

  • All odours are gone, smell is clean.

    Lou and Diane
  • The water from the filter is clear and fresh tasting.

    Lee and Janet
  • We contacted a couple of other companies for quotes, but Envirowater was the only one that actually came out to serve us.

    Laurie & Hugh
  • The shower and bathtub are nice and clean now. There was so much staining before. I have soap suds when I do dishes in the sink. When I shower I feel so clean. It's great and wonderful.

    Earl & Martha
  • Very happy with the quick response and working with us to get a solution to our situation. Other [water companies] did not respond, or did not respond in a timely manner.

    Melissa & Philip
  • Excellent! Don was very knowledgeable and able to discuss alternate options to supplement my existing system.

  • The water tastes great! Arsenic removed! No more H20 bottles to carry.

    Donna and Paul
  • Very impressed with our system!

    Marty & Autumn
  • Service was great.  Good response time, wonderful service.

  • Quick and efficient and very friendly and informative.  Wonderful to be able to use and drink the water at last.

    Wade & Carolyn
  • Excellent. Very friendly & informative individual (Jonathan Swan).

    Don, Burke, Kathleen
  • Service was excellent. Fantastic. Great improvement.  Discoloration and smell is gone.

  • Greatly improved. It was swamp water when we started.

    Tim & Darey
  • I was pleased with the services from start to finish... After nine years of buying bottled water for drinking we are now drinking water straight from the tap! I smile every time I go by the bottled water section of the grocery store.

  • Clothes don't smell out of the washing machine.

  • Service was prompt, knowledgeable staff.

    Glen & Joanne
  • Everything was good! Pleasant, informative and effective.

    Jeremiah & Katelyn
  • It does not stain bathtubs or toilets. It tastes Better. We are very pleased. It was an overall good experience.

  • Water color is clear. No black marks left around sink and toilet.

    High Glass Maintenance
  • Working very well. Don was very pleasant, patient and tried very hard in a difficult situation.

  • The system works great and it is very nice to have clear water and it tastes good.

  • The installation is tidy and professional. Smells and tastes better.

  • I am completely satisfied with the system and would recommend it to anyone.

  • Softer water, you could tell by just washing your hands.

  • The technician that came to the house was very informative and answered all my questions.  I don't thing any improvements are needed.

  • Everything went well.  Excellent.

  • Not only does our water taste better, but we have noticed our skin is not nearly as dry or as irritated as before.

    Brent & Cindy
  • 100% difference as your technician can attest to.  My water was awful.  It's made such a difference.

  • Drains, hoses and washer no longer plug up. Filters no longer need removal and rinsing.

  • Very positive - you (John) came highly recommended from a co-worker and he didn't disappoint!

    Matt & Sarah
  • Water is no longer hard and the iron and sulfur smell is gone!

    Dave & Laura
  • Water is so fresh to drink... It's awesome - even the cats seem to drink more often. Thank you.

  • Best service I've ever had at home. Excellent work, professional, highly trained. Thank you.

  • I learned more about our water system in the short time John was there, than I had in the 8 years we've had it!

    Mark & Peggy
  • Completely happy with the experience.  The installer John Brown went above and beyond to answer any questions I had.

  • Very excellent good company. 10.

  • We have dealt with three companies since living in our house. Your company was the best by far.

    Micheal and Michelle
  • Super Falk came to the rescue - Not only do we have good water but a total understanding of what made our water the way it was and what we needed to do in order to fix it.

    Cheryl & Marina
  • Water tastes better, isn't coming out yellow staining everything.

  • We are impressed, in particular with the fact that someone will be servicing our system on a yearly basis. That in itself is a huge plus that gives us 'peace of mind'.

    Mike & Angela
  • The service was perfect... On a points system, 10/10.

    Gail and Doug
  • Efficient, friendly, timely.

  • Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.

    David & Jackie
  • Very accessible, prompt service.

  • [What were the most important reasons/factors for choosing Envirowater Technologies?] Disappointment with our previous supplier not following up on a request for a service call and convenience.

    Dave & Patty
  • There is no more staining of rust (iron) in my bathroom sink. Also no more salt crystallizing on my water spout of my fridge.

  • We were completely satisfied with our experience with Envirowater. The service was excellent and the products are too.

    Wade & Chantel
  • Our water is finally clear, thank you so much for your great service and promptness.

  • The price was very competitive, the service, top of the line.

    Mike & Roxanne
  • Washed clothes seem brighter, dishwasher looks cleaner... no rotten egg smell in the kitchen.

    Tracy & Todd
  • No more holding your breath in the shower because of rotten egg smell.

    James and Krista
  • No more sulfur smell, toilet and tub has been much cleaner.

  • The water cooling system is very effective.

  • Great experience, knowledgeable and fast service. Personable staff / company.

    Cory & Sarah
  • Very professional. No more odor.

    Richard & Linda
  • With the sulphur smell gone the water is excellent.

  • Sulfur smell is gone.  Tastes excellent from the tap, no more discoloured sinks and toilets.

  • Your system is much more convenient and the water tastes excellent! John Brown did an excellent job on the installation.

  • The installer went beyond his job and we really appreciate it. He explained everything he was doing and even showed me what was wrong. He has suburb customer service skills.

  • I am switching to you going forward.

  • Thanks for explaining as you were doing the install.

    Larry & Diane
  • The guys went above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Better taste, clarity.

  • Better tasting water!

    Bobby and Holly
  • Excellent experience from beginning to end.  Very knowledgeable and professional service. Technician who first visited was most knowledgeable and professional than 3 other companies.

  • Sure is nice not having to clean rust stains.

  • Our guests always remark about our water in a very positive way.

    Eleanor and Henry
  • No pushy sales which is a huge plus. Clothes soft, hair soft, dishes cleaner without white film.  Drinking water tastes great.

    Kim & Dennis
  • Yes!! 100% improvements noticed!

  • Friends coming here were surprised how good the water is now.

  • No smell or discoloration.

  • The guys were efficient, informative, polite and the apprentice seemed very eager and also very friendly and professional.

  • Excellent!  Water is clear and toilets, tubs, etc have no build-up.

    Angela & Trent
  • Water is nice and soft!

  • Very positive.  Dish water does not have stains. Feel much cleaner after shower.

    Joe & Rilla
  • Amazing. They guy was super helpful at answering my questions and explained everything to me.

    Morgan & Amanda
  • Excellent service, timely, friendly technician, professional, always responded.

  • Fantastic! Prompt, thorough and excellent service.

    Joe & Judy
  • I no longer have iron stains on my appliances or bathroom fixtures.

  • The dishes slip out of my hands.

    Greg and Carol
  • Good. You were first choice.

  • Absolutely. This is the 4th water treatment company I have tried and the only improvement from all.

  • Clean and tidy work with smallest disruption possible. Yes, cleaner dishes, softer skin, less bathroom scrubbing needed.  Less scaling of kettle and pots.

    Ruth & Steve
  • I can drink water from the tap now.

    Betty Lou
  • Clean, drinkable, softer. We also found customer service excellent.

    Tara & Andy
  • Amazing! Friendly, efficient, honest, and confident staff.

  • No stains on cutlery.

    Road and Mary
  • You just don't realize how bad your water realy is until you start with the system your people installed.

    Mike and Eileen
  • Excellent overall experience.  Very efficient service from the first call to the initial assessment and final installation.  Excellent work and a great technician.

    Heather & Paul
  • Once we got the system serviced, it started working much better. Thank you!

    Brian and Lianne
  • Wonderful! Always prompt, informative and friendly service.

    Landahoy Properties
  • We don't have arsenic in our drinking water any more.

    Eric and Maureen
  • Price - was willing to reuse our equipment which saved a lot.  Service - Jonathan was patient and knowledgeable.

    Jason & Christine
  • Very Satisfied.  You are the most qualified I have read.

    James & Barbara
  • Very happy with everyone I spoke with! Very positive.

  • We definitely chose the right company.

    Steve & Joanne
  • Generally, water does taste and feel "smoother" than before.

    Danny and Judy
  • Your installer was terrific!

    Edward and Shirley
  • Jonathan was very professional and very friendly!! Skin softer, no longer dry. Hair - fabulous!!

    Cathy & Joey
  • Your tech came right away, he knew just what we needed and completed the job in a timely matter.

    Gordon & Michelle
  • It no longer contains arsenic.

    Jim and Ann
  • Awesome!  It is perfect now! The only one that offered filter options that didn't use salt.

    Theresa & Brian
  • Lovely.  Above and beyond to make it work in our small space.

    Kelsey & Ryan
  • Smells better and especially tastes better. I feel safe drinking it and letting my kids drink it.

  • It will take no time at all for this system to pay for itself.

  • Very positive.  I felt you wanted to ensure I ended up with excellent water quality and not just an expensive filter.

  • We should have done this 10 years ago. Thanks!

    Joe and Shelia
  • Clear, better tasting.

  • Way softer, use less soap/shampoo, no more rust staining, dishwasher runs better, so far we seem to use less salt also.

    Mandy and Chris
  • Very efficient installation. Good info on the telephone in first call and website has good info on it.

    Joel & Lynn
  • Having a shower is now a treat. I feel so much better and cleaner.

    Gerry and Shirley
  • ... not having to deal with adding chemicals is a big plus.

    Larry & Mary Ann
  • Our experience with your company was excellent.  Nathaniel did a great job and is a hard worker and knows what he is doing.  Thanks.

    Robert & Vera
  • We installed our system because our water quality was terrible, although it was potable. We are very pleased with the results.

    Floyd & Cherie
  • Great service overall - a 10 out of 10.  Knowledgeable and very helpful.

    Denis & Kairess
  • The quality of water from the reverse-osmosis is phenomenal, it makes drinking a glass of water a pleasant experience again.

    Sean & Marion
  • Don't have to lug bottled water. Happy to recommend you to anyone.

  • Everyone has been pleasant, courteous and enthusiastic.

  • It has made a huge difference in our household.

  • Good service, knowledgeable staff.

    Rick & Eunice
  • Excellent. Well above your competition (trust us).

  • Excellent. Couldn't have been better. Friendly and professional.

    Judy & Lawrence
  • Good - Excellent

  • Improvements in our water quality are amazing. Completely clear.  Heard about the company through a referral. My only regret is that we didn't do this years ago.  What a pleasure to have clear water that is not staining everything.  

  • Correct, informative, good.

  • Competence & knowledge. Highly experienced staff.

  • My itching has gone away.

  • High quality profile (as pertains to work rather than website) on the Internet.

  • Service was absolutely great!  Yes, water quality is great.  Professional and knowledgeable installation and pricing.

  • Excellent and professional. Great Job!!

  • The best. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest score, your company is a 10.

  • Very thorough and knowledgeable during the whole process. They answered any questions I had and explained the operation fully.

  • Exceptional service... Knowledgeable staff.

  • Very good - technician who serviced the system was knowledgeable, answered my questions, explained how things worked, was exceptional with use of my space and clean-up.  Your company has a valuable employee.

  • Great service.

    Basil & Cathy
  • The timing was excellent.  The tech was knowledgeable, knew his stuff, personable and fixed the problem.

  • No stains. Crystal clean.

    Bill and Nancy
  • We are extremely pleased with the quality of our water.

    Nick and Julie
  • Great, Don helped me with an 'RO' filter issue that I had been having issues with for years.

    Chris & Shelly
  • Experience was great. Our water is much better, clean and softer.

    Michael & Rosie
  • We had a lovely experience! A+ Quality and price were the best!

    Jillian & Terry
  • Wish we had of did it way sooner.  Luv it beyond words. Amazing.

    Joanne & Patrick
  • Water remains clear and clean, No rust build up on fixtures.

  • Excellent

  • From the first contact to the final installation, we have been completely satisfied and very happy with the attention and service from your company... We have witnessed 100% improvement in our well water, which was almost unusable before.

    Clare & Drew
  • Very pleased with the onsite install and advice.

    Peter & Donna
  • Thanks for the great customer service and prompt responses to emails.  Also seamless and easy.

  • Excellent service from salesman / installer John.

    Anne & Stuart
  • Jonathan has been great to work with, very helpful and responsive, always taking the time to explain everything in detail.

  • Don, called me back when he said he would. Very professional. Worked within our budget.

  • You were very responsive, timely, prompt and on time. Installation was well done!

  • Have noticed a complete improvement in all water use and a better knowledge of this system as a result of your service man.

  • Since the filters in my reverse system were changed, drinking water has been back better than ever.

  • Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

    David and Yolanda
  • I think Jonathan Swan your technician provided us with excellent service! I will tell others!

    Michael and Linda
  • Offered best services.

  • Very good. Service was done in a timely manner. No long wait time.

  • Great customer service... Yes - tastes much better!

  • Can drink it now! Soft water

    Mike and Rose
  • We are totally satisfied with all aspects of our experience with envirowater Technologies. John Brown, was most knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. Our water quality as improved greatly.

  • Excellent - Prompt and educated service!

    Phil and Kitty
  • There was a dramatic improvement to the water quality.  Reputation and customer service.

  • Couldn't have been better... His communication and friendliness was top-notch. I had a poor experience with another big-name water company and made the switch based on other customer reviews.

    Adam & Rowan
  • Clean now and tasteless!

  • I do notice my hair softer and I'm quite pleased, I would recommend your company.

  • Our washing machine and dish washer both now appear to be doing a more effective job of cleaning using less soap.

    Brian and Heidi
  • Much softer water, no more orange stains on laundry, washing machine seems to be running more efficiently, no iron smell or taste in water.

  • We should have went with this system first. I'm sure we could have saved money.

  • I'd say you lived up to expectations and more!... The improvement is the ability to have the info to monitor use, and to soften water by demand rather than time and that's a BIG improvement.

  • Excellent customer service... reverse osmosis water tastes great, no longer need to buy water from the grocery store.

    Chad and Megan
  • I was very happy with the service we received by your service rep.

  • Excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable.

    Mike & Shannon
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