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  • The service man took time to answer our questions and he was very friendly and open minded about our comments and questions.

    Tom & Marion
  • Very informative when explaining our water system.  Great.

  • The installer went beyond his job and we really appreciate it. He explained everything he was doing and even showed me what was wrong. He has suburb customer service skills.

  • Our water is crystal clear... It was a great experience.

    Maurice & Karen
  • Very prompt, professional and reassuring. They listened to my concerns, where prompt in my service and informative.

  • Very good experience, knowledgeable and courteous.

    Mike & Sheila
  • Your company was awesome to deal with!

    Fenton & Darlene
  • The benefits of your water treatment system are many.

    Cliffe and Claire
  • Much improved water quality.

    Phil & Francis
  • Great service, great advice and a great price.

    Aaron and Jenesta
  • [Factors in choosing Envirowater Technologies] Honesty and expertise.

  • Excellent. Absolutely noticed improvements in water quality. The water is softer.

    Phyllis & John
  • Very professional. From initial contact to final installation I was very happy.

  • Our experience was very positive. [Important factors for choosing Enviro Water Technologies] The honest / integrity of your company as noted by our friend.

    Kim & Michael
  • The water quality has improved significantly, especially the RO water.

    Soong and Ming
  • An excellent solution to my water problem.

  • I have noticed a significant change in my water.  It actually looks cleaner and all odour has been removed.  I no longer have to worry about iron stains on my laundry and my massive sulphate build up as significantly reduced.  It was worth the investment.

  • The system is great and efficient... our water is safe and soft - any tap, any time!

    Meyers Family
  • The only place we could get Watts products.  Others advertise Watts and then give you a knockoff product.

  • I will actually drink my tap water! I haven't drank my tap water in 20 years. True!!

  • Friendly, Professional, Prompt

  • Amazing. They guy was super helpful at answering my questions and explained everything to me.

    Morgan & Amanda
  • Excellent. [What were the most important reasons you chose envirowater TECHNOLOGIES?] Honesty.  My sister initially made the call and Don was very helpful.

  • Very impressed with the service and attention to detail when assisting our daughter with her water issues.

    Clive & Kim
  • We had very poor service from the Water Shed.  We called you and you were here within a few days.  Very prompt service, knowledgeable tech, overall great customer service.

  • [What were the most important reasons/factors for choosing Envirowater Technologies?] Disappointment with our previous supplier not following up on a request for a service call and convenience.

    Dave & Patty
  • Service was very good.

  • I can drink my water without a salt taste.

  • Ron Steffensen did an excellent job. He was always on time and willing to answere questions, no matter how many times they were asked! He worked hard to create a system that was in our price range.

  • Tea and coffee taste much better.

  • Excellent. Very efficient, fast, service. Installer was very helpful in explaining how the system worked.

  • Your tech came right away, he knew just what we needed and completed the job in a timely matter.

    Gordon & Michelle
  • Excellent. Tech went above and beyond. Great experience. It no longer smells / tastes like chlorine!

    Andrew & Torres
  • Good. You were first choice.

  • The water looks, smells, feels and tastes great! Thanks again.

  • We had a horrible smell in our hot water. It was hard to shower and wash dishes. We were embarrassed to have company. Now the smell is gone and we are loving it.

  • No stains. Crystal clean.

    Bill and Nancy
  • 5 Stars

  • ...uranium levels have been reduced significantly and my water is now drinkable.

  • Very good. Employees / Installer were great. No water stains.

  • Where did you hear about our company? Online, after talking to three different companies, we chose envirowater mainly due to a better price for water testing. Both owners are sold on envirowater.

    Darrell & Una
  • Excellent experience, knowledgeable, professional, on-time, competitive price.

    Lewis & Marsha
  • You answered all our questions and didn't push us into something not needed. Cleaner and tastier.

  • I also feel confident that if I have any issues or questions, that Envirowater will respond and assist with the solution.

  • Major improvement.  I had such high iron.  Now there is no staining on clothes when doing laundry or in sinks etc.  Dishes don't turn black now.

  • Water is now clear

    Terry & Randy
  • Thanks for explaining as you were doing the install.

    Larry & Diane
  • Drinkable.

  • Excellent

  • It was an excellent experience. No complaints.... Less salt use for our water softener... Also wish to not the superior service we received from your rep Jonathan Swan and installer Don. They were very professional, helpful, informative and accommodated every need we had.

    The Izzards
  • #1 benefit... we can drink our own water... We are so pleased with your service.

    Charmaine & Tyler
  • We were very impressed.

  • Excellent.  Much less rust staining (almost nil!)

  • Thank you!

    Guy and Telsie
  • Excellent and informed installer and willing to return to tweek the system to our requirements.  So much softer and no staining in sanitary ware.

    David & Patricia
  • Very happy with the quick response and working with us to get a solution to our situation. Other [water companies] did not respond, or did not respond in a timely manner.

    Melissa & Philip
  • The water is not yellow any more, softer hair, tastes better.

    Barb and Ray
  • Not only does our water taste better, but we have noticed our skin is not nearly as dry or as irritated as before.

    Brent & Cindy
  • The installation is tidy and professional. Smells and tastes better.

  • Very good.

  • We have had an exceptional experience with Envirowater...  A 10 out of 10. Great customer ratings and feedback on reviews on the internet.

    Jim & Page
  • Clean and clear, no smell, improved water pressure.

  • Professional and very informative. Would recommend to any other 'Rusty' home.

    Wally & Lil
  • Service was always prompt, efficient and good advice.

    Frank & Virginia
  • It's nice to see that a company will stand behind their product.

    Kim and James
  • Better taste, clarity.

  • All was done very professionally.

  • Everything was done in a professional manner. No smell, no colour, softer water, tastes great.

  • The technician that came to the house was very informative and answered all my questions.  I don't thing any improvements are needed.

  • We have stopped buying bottled H2O, use less salt and are no longer dealing with rusty clothes. I would highly recommend!

  • I do not need to use conditioner on hair.

    Mike and Dawn
  • We are completely satisfied. Yes drinking water is great right from the tap.  Also there is no build up of mineral residue.

  • Excellent and timely.  The smell doesn't seem to be there.

    Brian & Tammy
  • Excellent service from salesman / installer John.

    Anne & Stuart
  • Fantastic!!

    David & Wendi
  • Excellent! Helpful! Very professional. Answered all our questions!

    Paul & Jeanette
  • The brown water is gone! The water tastes better. We dont have to use as much soap.

    Joe and Cheryl
  • We were really impressed with all aspects of installation.

  • No black stains.

    The Murphys
  • Problem fixed! Rapid response time and professionalism.

  • Clean, drinkable, softer. We also found customer service excellent.

    Tara & Andy
  • The service was perfect... On a points system, 10/10.

    Gail and Doug
  • We had a lovely experience! A+ Quality and price were the best!

    Jillian & Terry
  • Sinks, toilets, etc cleaner. Water tastes good and looks good.

  • Darwin Seale answered all my questions, was incredibly good natured about my questioning, and offered exceptional service both pre and post installation of my Reverse Osmosis system. I did not hesitate to give the "local guys" my business and am glad... I cannot say enough about this company!

  • Very good.  My son told me a friend of his told him about your company, that they were a good place to deal with.

  • From initial contact right through installation it was an excellent experience. Our water quality has improved 100%.

  • Water is so fresh to drink... It's awesome - even the cats seem to drink more often. Thank you.

  • Lots of bubbles without using lots of soap. Hair is more manageable.

    Nick and Julie
  • Very good and professional, friendly.

    Peter & Cilla
  • Noticeably softer on the skin.

    Sean and Jane
  • We have noticed softer skin and hair, soap savings, and better tasting water since you put our unit in. We are very pleased.

  • Knowing the increased uranium level has been dealt with gives peace of mind.  My fear of poor tasting water was unfounded.  Tastes great!

  • Pets are drinking more water, we are drinking more water.

    Ron and Joan
  • Good safe water to drink. It tastes good! Thank you.

  • Excellent!! Technician was very personable and knowledgeable.

    Nathalie & Don
  • I would rate my experience with your company as A1.

  • Sulphur smell is gone. Colour has stayed clear.

    Patty & Todd
  • 100% difference as your technician can attest to.  My water was awful.  It's made such a difference.

  • Great team... very knowledgeable.

    Munwin Estate Wines Limited
  • No more bags of salt.

    Felix and Barb
  • Very friendly, approachable and thorough. I checked other companies with the better business and you came highly recommended.

  • My experience with your company to date is fully satisfactory.

  • Service provided was impeccable and professional. Hats off to Jonathan Swan for his professionalism, accuracy in describing and fixing problems with our water.

    Marven & Beverley
  • It does not stain bathtubs or toilets. It tastes Better. We are very pleased. It was an overall good experience.

  • We don't have to lug our water bottles to the store for refills.

  • Very good... Friends recommendation

    Mike & Susan
  • Was looking for a Reverse Osmosis and after checking with a number of companies we went with you because of knowledge and product.

    Eric & Trudy
  • Our experience has been 2nd to none. Very professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

  • Cleaning is easier. My dishes come out of the dish washer sparkling.

    Greg and Carol
  • You guys were awesome.

    Leonard and Laura
  • Your service man was great.  He took care of our needs as if it were his own home.

    Sandra & Epke
  • Fast professional service.  No odour anymore and less iron residue.

  • No smell, no staining, water tastes better, soap savings.

    Max and Romi
  • The quality of water from the reverse-osmosis is phenomenal, it makes drinking a glass of water a pleasant experience again.

    Sean & Marion
  • You were very responsive, timely, prompt and on time. Installation was well done!

  • I would recommend envirowater to my friends and family.

  • Thank you for your down to earth professionalism.

  • Absolutely wonderful! The technician was personable, friendly and informative... I had heard that you guys were good, honest and local.

  • Very accommodating, prompt, courteous, clean and thorough. Great customer service.  He also cleaned up after himself, left no mess.

  • Outstanding service and response to any and all questions, both before and after the sale and installation.

    Dan & Claude
  • Just wanted to say thanks for doing such an excellent job!!

  • Our water is clean and no smell. Your qualifications and when I called they were there in a very short time.

    Dave & Jewel
  • Very positive.  Dish water does not have stains. Feel much cleaner after shower.

    Joe & Rilla
  • Very positive.  Great experience.

    Roger & Heidi
  • I felt that the Envirowater solution was the best way to go - both for me and the environment... there are no additional costs for me now.

  • Good. It was simple and no pressure to buy equipment I do not need.

    Shawn & Sandy
  • Washed clothes seem brighter, dishwasher looks cleaner... no rotten egg smell in the kitchen.

    Tracy & Todd
  • The water tastes great! Arsenic removed! No more H20 bottles to carry.

    Donna and Paul
  • Excellent - so happy with the results of our water now!

    Ross & Ann
  • Quick, reasonable price, friendly staff.

  • I will surely recommend your company in the future. A very pleased customer.

  • No odor. Awesome.

  • My water softener provides me with numerous benefits. Healthier skin and hair.

  • Great improvement.

  • Good. Very informative.

    Dave & Rose
  • The staining from acidic water is now gone.

  • No more holding your breath in the shower because of rotten egg smell.

    James and Krista
  • We got the information we needed to maintain our system .  Our problem was fixed quickly.

    Jacqueline & Jeff
  • Tastes better... more confidence the water is safe to consume.

  • We have dealt with three companies since living in our house. Your company was the best by far.

    Micheal and Michelle
  • Great

  • Our guests always remark about our water in a very positive way.

    Eleanor and Henry
  • The water has improved immensely.

  • Above and beyond, with the installation.

  • Since the system was installed the green stains haven't returned.  I only wish I would have put the system in a lot earlier.

  • Color is better.

  • Everything was good! Pleasant, informative and effective.

    Jeremiah & Katelyn
  • Great Service... great product.

  • Thank you for the great looking water system install.  My dad was very impressed with your professionalism and craftsmanship. (He's a former tech ed teacher).

  • Very happy thanks Excellent... much softer and tastes better.

  • We have really tasty water, it's improved a lot.
  • Very professional and pleasant, a real relief considering most other companies a person has to deal with.

    Mike & Linda
  • Perfect response to my inquiry and timely installation.

    Donal & Leona
  • Excellent

  • Jonathan was very professional and very friendly!! Skin softer, no longer dry. Hair - fabulous!!

    Cathy & Joey
  • Excellent service and quick to respond.

  • Great experience!

  • The staff were helpful, informative and friendly. I would certainly recommend.

  • There is a big improvement in our drinking water and we do notice the difference in the amount of soap we use for our daily chores.

  • Better tasting water, less iron staining, using less soap, cleaner dishes from dishwasher.

  • Water tastes better for drinking.

  • The service exceeded my expectations.

    Bailey and Tammy
  • Very informative, trustworthy, very knowledgeable, hard working.

    Simon & Carole
  • They also were the most economical.  Great customer service - knowledgeable staff.

    David & Nancy
  • Very positive experience.

  • Our water tastes better.

    George and Doris
  • It's nice to see that a company will stand behind their product.

    Kim and James
  • Faucets, dishes & sink / toilet stay cleaner longer.  Hair softer, suds in the sink & washer have increased.

  • Like that you offer a payment plan. Very professional.

    Gary & Deonne
  • Extremely pleased and have recommended your to others.

    • Very positive
    • Fast reply to email
    • knowledgeable / patient technician: Jonathan answered my questions as he worked and let me take pictures and record notes in case I have any problems in the future.  He also told me how to maintain the unit.

  • Jonathan went above and beyond expectation and displayed a high level of proficiency while on site and communication with Darwin was excellent.  

  • Everything was A1... Yes, we have a lot of improvements, more water pressure.

  • The taste of the water makes it more encouraging to drink more. My skin dryness has improved.

    Pat & Robert
  • My husband's skin condition of eczema has has greatly improved.

    Pat & Teresa
  • Thanks for the great system. Good customer service and good prices.

  • Experience was great. Our water is much better, clean and softer.

    Michael & Rosie
  • Our water is really good now. We are very pleased with our water system.

    Emily & Robert
  • Clean toilets, no scale in kettle, better tasting H2O.

    Mike and Elsie
  • We love our water! ... I am very allergic to chlorine and have had no reaction since your installation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • My wife is pleased with the quality and taste of the water.

  • The water is great and gone are the stains in sinks & toilets!

  • Found people very helpful and eager to share information.

  • Both John and Don are very knowledgeable and friendly techs who represented your company extremely well. A job well done!!

    Tierry and Wendy
  • I couldn't be more pleased. No more carrying large water bottles. Thank you Johnathan!

    Lynn & Jamey
  • No staining. We can drink it!

  • Quick reply (some didn't even reply). Quick install. Water is softer and clean now.

    Ian & Deborah
  • Using less soap. Softer. Drinking water tastes better.

    The Blades
  • Responsive and thorough.

  • From the first contact to the final installation, we have been completely satisfied and very happy with the attention and service from your company... We have witnessed 100% improvement in our well water, which was almost unusable before.

    Clare & Drew
  • Very professional and explained all details.

  • Such a treat to have tea or coffee without the taste of chlorine.

    Gerry and Shirley
  • We don't mind when our baby drinks the bath water.

  • We were very happy the the service we received. Efficient quick and responsive.

  • Yes, no staining anymore. We now can buy white clothes again. Also, no smell. We have great H2O, thanks so much!!

    Teresa & David
  • Cleaner dishes from dish washer, water test came back clean and clear.

    Ray & Debbie
  • There is a big difference.

    Eugene and Karen
  • Cleaner water in toilets.

  • Service was excellent. Fantastic. Great improvement.  Discoloration and smell is gone.

  • Your staff was very knowledgeable and worked hard.

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