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  • Softer skin and hair. Better water and less soap needed.

    Bruce and Mary
  • Obvious that he [John] was very diligent and committed to making best choices to solve problems and doing it right!

    Chris - Enviro-lite Renovations
  • Our experience has been 2nd to none. Very professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

  • Great, very helpful.  Nathan was very knowledgeable and dealt with our water problems. Gave advice and solved our problems. Professional, good reputation.

    Vicki & Steve
  • Excellent service, timely, friendly technician, professional, always responded.

  • Great drinking water.

    David & Joan
  • Working very well. Don was very pleasant, patient and tried very hard in a difficult situation.

  • When I called to make my first appointment, the employee on the phone was pleasant, knowledgeable and explained the fees and costs very clearly so that there was no uncertainty... The technician who came to our home was on-time, pleasant and did an amazing job cleaning the canisters for our water system.

  • Our young daughter now enjoys drinking the water.

    Brian & Heidi
  • The staff, "Don" was pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable about various products.   He was professional and timely when installing.

    Paul & Ashley
  • Experience has been excellent. We appreciate Don Howard's expertise, advice and work very much. He is the best!!

    Don & Donna
  • Less upset stomach.

    David & Jen
  • Smell of H2O is gone and we are enjoying the use of clean/smell free H2O. Don provided excellent service. Keep up the good work.

  • Once we got the system serviced, it started working much better. Thank you!

    Brian and Lianne
  • The new water is healthier.

    Carol Ann
  • Tastes good, feel safe drinking it!

  • Thank you!

    Guy and Telsie
  • Excellent service and friendly staff.

  • Great service.  It was excellent. He took the time to answer all our questions.

    Wally & Darlene
  • Your technician was knowledgeable and informed.

  • Smell (sulfur) is much better as is taste.

  • Knowledgeable, Efficient...  Love my water...

    Margaret & Curtis
  • Appliances and bathroom fixtures no longer stain brown. Shower is much more enjoyable.

  • Great Service... great product.

  • Very good.

  • Very happy thanks Excellent... much softer and tastes better.

  • Very helpful and very courteous approach.

  • Quick and efficient and very friendly and informative.  Wonderful to be able to use and drink the water at last.

    Wade & Carolyn
  • The water quality here now is 100% better than before.

    Marilyn and Laurie
  • Improved pressure.

  • Gives us 'peace of mind'.

    Gordon and Linda
  • Dishes in dishwasher are clean again. Showering in soft water is wonderful.

    Peter and Margie
  • Was looking for a Reverse Osmosis and after checking with a number of companies we went with you because of knowledge and product.

    Eric & Trudy
  • We had a lovely experience! A+ Quality and price were the best!

    Jillian & Terry
  • The service man took time to answer our questions and he was very friendly and open minded about our comments and questions.

    Tom & Marion
  • Everything was wonderful. Courteous staff and quick reply when communicating! Excellent!

  • Great service, great advice and a great price.

    Aaron and Jenesta
  • ...it certainly is good drinking H2O now.

    Cecil & Jillian
  • Very happy. Water tastes better.

  • Better taste, which is what we're looking for. We are very happy with the level of service and professionalism we received from Envirowater and would gladly recommend them.

    Jody & Tracy
  • Good. It was simple and no pressure to buy equipment I do not need.

    Shawn & Sandy
  • Fast and professional. Impressed with the initial conversation and continued positive exchanges with follow-up conversations.

  • The water is great to drink in the R.O. system.

  • When talking on the phone, did not try to oversell me on upgrades.

  • Yes, the water is much cleaner and I can drink and cook with it with no after affects.

    Barry & Sandi
  • The service was excellent 10+. The rep was friendly, answered all my questions and offered a call back if needed. The water quality is greatly improved.

  • Fast professional service.  No odour anymore and less iron residue.

  • Good. Less sediment

    Greg & Cathy
  • This makes great tea and coffee, and we use it to wash and cook our vegetables.

    Patricia and John
  • All was outstanding. From first contact to writing the cheque. I would not change anything.

    Joe and Mary
  • Dishes are cleaner in dishwasher. Softer hair.

    Matt and Sarah
  • Great experience!

  • Water is nice and soft!

  • Excellent! John was very informative and punctual.

  • Cleaning is easier. My dishes come out of the dish washer sparkling.

    Greg and Carol
  • We don't have arsenic in our drinking water any more.

    Eric and Maureen
  • It has made a great deal of difference in the smell and taste of water, especially the smell. Great! Thank you so much.

  • Wish we had been aware of your company sooner!

  • Great. Very friendly, knowledgeable staff.  Offered payment options which was very helpful.

    Susan & Junior
  • He treated my issues as if he was the home owner.

  • Water is clear, no sediment.

  • He left the house in better condition than what he found it! Excellent service.  You went above and beyond my expectations.

  • Excellent - so happy with the results of our water now!

    Ross & Ann
  • An excellent solution to my water problem.

  • Yes!! 100% improvements noticed!

  • Excellent. No longer orange - definite improvement.

    Rene & Helen
  • Drinking water tastes much better. A huge improvement for our house.

  • Color is better.

  • Excellent. [What were the most important reasons you chose envirowater TECHNOLOGIES?] Honesty.  My sister initially made the call and Don was very helpful.

  • Our drinking water is so much better. Also our laundry looks better.

    Advid and Gayle
  • Safe to drink and now at low cost.

  • More than excellent.

  • Smells better and especially tastes better. I feel safe drinking it and letting my kids drink it.

  • The system works great and it is very nice to have clear water and it tastes good.

  • The system is great and efficient... our water is safe and soft - any tap, any time!

    Meyers Family
  • Our water is really good now. We are very pleased with our water system.

    Emily & Robert
  • I appreciate the prompt service.

  • Positive, professional and helpful.

  • Excellent.  Much less rust staining (almost nil!)

  • Our guests always remark about our water in a very positive way.

    Eleanor and Henry
  • So far excellent

  • Having peace of mind that our pipes are safe and hopefully we won’t be on our 4th hot water tank.  We are very happy with the system.

    Etta and Kevin
  • Many thanks to John for going the extra mile for us.

  • Responsive and thorough.

  • Yes the water tastes better, but really it's the service one has to rave about.

  • Water feels like silk on the skin and we are using less soap.

    Felix and Barb
  • The water quality has improved significantly, especially the RO water.

    Soong and Ming
  • good taste, better removal of stains in wash, less build up on sinks...

    Joe & Mary
  • Excellent

  • I do like the fact that I don't have to use a Brita anymore. The water taste is good.

  • Professional, courteous, knowledgeable

  • Very thorough and knowledgeable during the whole process. They answered any questions I had and explained the operation fully.

  • Odor is no longer apparent. Water feels softer.

  • He was thorough, clear in his explanations, courteous, and responsive to our concerns.

    Earl & Sylvia
  • From initial contact on the phone to the technician at the house, everything was a very good experience.

  • Thanks for the great system. Good customer service and good prices.

  • No more holding your breath in the shower because of rotten egg smell.

    James and Krista
  • We contacted a couple of other companies for quotes, but Envirowater was the only one that actually came out to serve us.

    Laurie & Hugh
  • Great job and a pleasure working with you.

  • Like that you offer a payment plan. Very professional.

    Gary & Deonne
  • Excellent. Very friendly & informative individual (Jonathan Swan).

    Don, Burke, Kathleen
  • The technician was knowledgeable and personable.

  • Very impressed with our system!

    Marty & Autumn
  • Our water is completely clear now!

    Laverne and Tanya
  • Efficient and pleasant.

  • Experience was good! No complaints.

  • I was not even a customer of Envirowater... I had no idea who installed the system

  • Great service.

    Basil & Cathy
  • I knew he (Jon Swan) would be reliable and on time.  He did not disappoint.

    Jason & Cora Lee
  • I would recommend this water system to my friends.

  • Absolutely wonderful! The technician was personable, friendly and informative... I had heard that you guys were good, honest and local.

  • Excellent. Very much [improvement].  Before the installation, unable to use water for drinking due to the strong odour.

    Moody & Connie
  • Also very knowledgeable, kind, professional and pleasant.

  • Very friendly and knowledgeable.

  • The brown water is gone! The water tastes better. We dont have to use as much soap.

    Joe and Cheryl
  • Excellent. Punctual, friendly, helpful and professional.

  • Everything was fantastic, very thorough! Was really impressed with how knowledgeable and thorough the technician was.  He was checking things the other company never touched.

  • Our water is crystal clear... It was a great experience.

    Maurice & Karen
  • Water is now great tasting and clear.

    Alan and Chris
  • No more brown spots on any clothing and my bathrooms are looking the same as the day we installed them.

    Cliff and Clare
  • He took the time to help me understand the system. We are extremely pleased with our system.

    Colin & Joanne
  • It will take no time at all for this system to pay for itself.

  • When I called the man that answered was very friendly and professional, a huge change from the company we used previously, so I decided to give you a try.

    Lisa & Scott
  • 100% better. Very satisfied. Don is a professional installer.

  • Your service was great... Prompt and professional.  Reasonably priced too.

  • You resolved a water issue I have been trying to resolve for close to 14 years.

    Nick and Jane
  • I will surely recommend your company in the future. A very pleased customer.

  • Very happy with the quick response and working with us to get a solution to our situation. Other [water companies] did not respond, or did not respond in a timely manner.

    Melissa & Philip
  • Yes.  I can use my dishwasher again and my sinks don't turn yellow, also a big improvement in the bathroom. Everything I heard was good about your company.

    Lionel & Maxine
  • All that disappeared the day Jonathan (the Envirowater technician) installed the water softener system

  • Very good customer service.

    Amy and Shannon
  • Excellent, polite, prompt service.

    Scott & Orlene
  • Pets are drinking more water, we are drinking more water.

    Ron and Joan
  • Great service, Knowledgeable workers.

    Meander River Farm and Brewery
  • Soft taste and odor free water.

  • Laundry is a pleasure to do, water tastes so much better, use less detergent, mom's hair is turning white again (yellow disappearing), clothes are staying white.

  • What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies over every other option? Their knowledge of the product and water needs.

    Andre & Doreen
  • I have peace of mind.

  • It was a wonderful experience, thanks. We have no problem referring you when the opportunity arises.

    Darlene and Lucy
  • Service was efficient and professional.  Very educational too! Our system is working very well.

    Doug & Sandy
  • We think John Brown did a wonderful job - the work was amazing and he explained everything so well.

    Scott & Judy
  • ...definitely safe to drink now.

    Jason and Stephanie
  • Very friendly, approachable and thorough. I checked other companies with the better business and you came highly recommended.

  • None of the gritty residue we experienced before we installed the unit. We are impressed.

    Joan and Irwin
  • Positive and efficient, on time and did what they said they would in a friendly manner.

    Matt & Alex
  • The water is great and gone are the stains in sinks & toilets!

  • My skin is comfortable now and not so dry.

  • Thanks for the care taken with our installation. Everything was done well and with attention to detail.

    Norman & Dawn
  • Having a shower is now a treat. I feel so much better and cleaner.

    Gerry and Shirley
  • No more sulfur smell, toilet and tub has been much cleaner.

  • Thank you for your down to earth professionalism.

  • Problem fixed! Rapid response time and professionalism.

  • Your tech came right away, he knew just what we needed and completed the job in a timely matter.

    Gordon & Michelle
  • The service was exceptional. Softer skin, no discolouration of clothes or plumbing fixtures, less soap used.

  • Thank you for the great looking water system install.  My dad was very impressed with your professionalism and craftsmanship. (He's a former tech ed teacher).

  • You have a great service model.  Don't change a thing. Thank you for completely fixing the problem.

    Lee & Patricia
  • I think Jonathan Swan your technician provided us with excellent service! I will tell others!

    Michael and Linda
  • Very satisfied.  When I called they were very friendly and willing to try and find the part I needed.  Also had a very fast reply and appt.

  • Very good. Less sediment.

    Colin and Kate
  • Thank you for the excellent service, and for helping to restore my faith that there are still people who care about doing good work and treating people right. If you ever need a reference, I would be pleased to provide a glowing one.

  • The shower and bathtub are nice and clean now. There was so much staining before. I have soap suds when I do dishes in the sink. When I shower I feel so clean. It's great and wonderful.

    Earl & Martha
  • The water is much softer. You can feel the difference.

  • The experience was very professional.

    Trevor & Mandy
  • Service was excellent... very positive.

  • No sulphur smell... very, very pleased with our water treatment system.

    Treena and Shane
  • Your tech was knowledgeable and polite.  He kept me informed on what he was doing.

  • No smell anymore, more pressure.

  • Very good, prompt service and quality of service!  The technician was easy to understand and explained all issues and possible courses of action. Very happy the the results.

  • Tubs not stained after filling. Don't have to clean toilets every second day.

    Pat and Jen
  • Very good. Employees / Installer were great. No water stains.

  • You guys are amazing! P.S. Our previous filter (installation, etc) was with another company. We will never go back.

    Rick & Roberta
  • Compared to other companies we've used in the past experience was very good. Wanted a company with technicians who really know what they are doing.

  • Everyone we had contact with was very friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Good - Excellent

  • Friendly, efficient, informative.

    Jessica & Mitchell
  • The colour of the water is now normal instead of a yellowish colour... Dennis and I value the excellent customer service.

    Nathalie & Dennis
  • We are completely satisfied. Yes drinking water is great right from the tap.  Also there is no build up of mineral residue.

  • Food cooked in water is better, coffee is better. Call me crazy , but I think my energy is up.

  • 'Champagne' like in the shower. Falk is a hard worker and his enthusiasm is unstoppable.

  • Softer skin & hair.

  • Excellent and timely.  The smell doesn't seem to be there.

    Brian & Tammy
  • What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies over every other option? Reputation and knowledge of your salesman.

  • Our water system is working great.

    Shirley and Ralph
  • Excellent Service! Uses much less salt than my old Culligan. Reliably soft water.  No iron staining.

  • Excellent! It's how I wish every visit by a contractor or service tech would go.

    Brian & Connie
  • Very happy with the service, would certainly recommend to family friends or strangers.

  • They also were the most economical.  Great customer service - knowledgeable staff.

    David & Nancy
  • The water cooling system is very effective.

  • Water is 100 times better!

    Scot & Rachel
  • Great overall experience.  Professional and knowledgeable staff, fair prices and easy to schedule.

  • Very good service.

    Phillip and Katie
  • No smell, soft water, no colour. All that was promised.

    Bruce & Lisa
  • Less soaps, shampoo, etc. Cleans clothes, dishes, pots, etc better.

    The McRae's
  • Your representative was very  thorough and professional.  Excellent!

    Norine & Vernon
  • Our water tastes better.

    George and Doris
  • The quality and clarity of our water appears very good.

  • All in all this was the most professional experience I have ever had.

  • Everything was good! Pleasant, informative and effective.

    Jeremiah & Katelyn
  • John who installed the unit was exceptional.  Water is much better now.

  • No cholrine smell or taste!

    Pam & Norm
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