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  • What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies over every other option? Their knowledge of the product and water needs.

    Andre & Doreen
  • We got the information we needed to maintain our system .  Our problem was fixed quickly.

    Jacqueline & Jeff
  • No smell anymore, more pressure.

  • No chlorine smell or taste. Skin softer after shower.

    Atlantic B&B
  • Drinking water is superb - loving it!

    Clinton & Kathy
  • Less sulphur in shower.

    Grethin and Shannon
  • I am allergic to Chlorine so no more itching after taking a shower. Everything tastes better cooked with filtered water.

  • This company went out of its way to accommodate our needs because we were on a tight timeline.  Thank you.

    Jack & Agnes
  • Excellent. Accommodating Educational. Yes, lead has been reduced significantly.

  • 5 Stars

  • Exceptional service... Knowledgeable staff.

  • #1 benefit... we can drink our own water... We are so pleased with your service.

    Charmaine & Tyler
  • Better tasting water, softer, no smelly water.

    Helen & Frank
  • Water tastes wonderful. More important the coffee is 100% better.

    Penny & Dave
  • Soft taste and odor free water.

  • No more bags of salt.

    Felix and Barb
  • Wish we had been aware of your company sooner!

  • Our guests always remark about our water in a very positive way.

    Eleanor and Henry
  • Very positive.

    Bob & Judy
  • The colour of the water is now normal instead of a yellowish colour... Dennis and I value the excellent customer service.

    Nathalie & Dennis
  • The system works great and it is very nice to have clear water and it tastes good.

  • Excellent.  Great customer service and response time. I can now cook with it!

  • Very good experience, knowledgeable and courteous.

    Mike & Sheila
  • My bath and sink water stay clear. I feel like I am staying in a hotel.

  • All in all this was the most professional experience I have ever had.

  • The professional visit and their follow up are very good assets.

  • Less upset stomach.

    David & Jen
  • Honesty in answering my questions in regards to my water problems.  Once product was bought I received the same excellent level of service!

  • Excellent service, timely, friendly technician, professional, always responded.

  • Color is better.

  • Excellent. Absolutely noticed improvements in water quality. The water is softer.

    Phyllis & John
  • Softer water.

  • It was great. No more water stains or smell.

    Angel & Lucas
  • Water tastes great and we drink it everyday

    Mark and Cara
  • Very professional, satisfactory service we've received. Detailed info in the web site and good customer service of your water technician.

  • No more bottled water!

  • 100% difference as your technician can attest to.  My water was awful.  It's made such a difference.

  • Excellent experience from beginning to end.  Very knowledgeable and professional service. Technician who first visited was most knowledgeable and professional than 3 other companies.

  • We had a lovely experience! A+ Quality and price were the best!

    Jillian & Terry
  • Knowledgeable, Efficient...  Love my water...

    Margaret & Curtis
  • Jonathon serviced our existing water softener, to our satisfaction. We are very happy with the outcome.

    Malcolm & Phyllis
  • Water is 100 times better!

    Scot & Rachel
  • We are very happy with the results. We didn't think it could happen.

    Fourchu Developments
  • We were very pleased that we chose Envirowater.

    John & Connie
  • Everyone has been pleasant, courteous and enthusiastic.

  • Tastes better.

  • Prompt friendly service as well as knowledge base.

    Summerside Chiropractic
  • Generally, water does taste and feel "smoother" than before.

    Danny and Judy
  • Little to no smell in our water. Better taste.

    Craig and Lisa
  • Better taste, which is what we're looking for. We are very happy with the level of service and professionalism we received from Envirowater and would gladly recommend them.

    Jody & Tracy
  • There is a big improvement in our drinking water and we do notice the difference in the amount of soap we use for our daily chores.

  • Bubbles in my dishwater! Love my pure water system, better pressure, soft feeling in the shower. Thanks!

    The Crawfords
  • No more red water.

    Marc and Chandra
  • Darwin Seale answered all my questions, was incredibly good natured about my questioning, and offered exceptional service both pre and post installation of my Reverse Osmosis system. I did not hesitate to give the "local guys" my business and am glad... I cannot say enough about this company!

  • Fantastic

    Tanya & Bernie
  • The technician was knowledgeable and personable.

  • It's healthier than city water.

  • We are extremely pleased, we have clear

    Charles and Laura
  • Excellent - reliable. [water is] softer, clearer.

    David & Colleen
  • Don Howard was very professional and focused and made recommendations that worked well.

  • Very Good.

    Darrell & Barbara
  • I was not even a customer of Envirowater... I had no idea who installed the system

  • You guys had top notch service.

    Steve and Karen
  • Efficient and pleasant.

  • Great experience. We're drinking the water again, it tastes great.

  • We are completely satisfied. Yes drinking water is great right from the tap.  Also there is no build up of mineral residue.

  • Odor is no longer apparent. Water feels softer.

  • Working very well. Don was very pleasant, patient and tried very hard in a difficult situation.

  • Excellent! Helpful! Very professional. Answered all our questions!

    Paul & Jeanette
  • Competence & knowledge. Highly experienced staff.

  • We are very pleased with our new water. The first thing we noticed was the taste, no more iron smell from the water... I wish I only had purchased your system many years ago.

    Joe & Sherry
  • Excellent. Very much [improvement].  Before the installation, unable to use water for drinking due to the strong odour.

    Moody & Connie
  • Everything was great. Very good, lots of explanations and discussions prior to the sale.

  • Our water is completely clear now!

    Laverne and Tanya
  • Good. It was simple and no pressure to buy equipment I do not need.

    Shawn & Sandy
  • A+.  Taste is great and the smell is gone.

  • Improved taste.

  • We notice a big difference in our iron showing in the toilet, sinks, coffee pot, and washer. Thank you.

  • Very good and professional, friendly.

    Peter & Cilla
  • No more scaling in the kettle!

  • We noticed our hair feels cleaner after showering.

    Steven and Andrea
  • Great

  • We love our water! ... I am very allergic to chlorine and have had no reaction since your installation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Cleaner tub, toilet, etc.

    John and Della
  • You guys were awesome.

    Leonard and Laura
  • Excellent.  Absolutely and we notice a change by the next day.

    Claude & Debbie
  • We are totally satisfied with all aspects of our experience with envirowater Technologies. John Brown, was most knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. Our water quality as improved greatly.

  • Very positive.  I felt you wanted to ensure I ended up with excellent water quality and not just an expensive filter.

  • We were completely satisfied and specifically impressed with how knowledgeable your staff was especially with all the extensive water tasting.

    Aimee and Blair
  • Sulfur smell is gone.  Tastes excellent from the tap, no more discoloured sinks and toilets.

  • Washed clothes seem brighter, dishwasher looks cleaner... no rotten egg smell in the kitchen.

    Tracy & Todd
  • The system is great and efficient... our water is safe and soft - any tap, any time!

    Meyers Family
  • Professional, thorough and at times entertaining.

  • Everyone we had contact with was very friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Gives us 'peace of mind'.

    Gordon and Linda
  • Our water tastes better.

    George and Doris
  • All was done very professionally.

  • The water is great and gone are the stains in sinks & toilets!

  • Amazing. We are very happy with the service and product. Thank you!

    Billy and Vickie
  • Clear, better tasting.

  • No staining. We can drink it!

  • Experience has been excellent. We appreciate Don Howard's expertise, advice and work very much. He is the best!!

    Don & Donna
  • Water color is clear. No black marks left around sink and toilet.

    High Glass Maintenance
  • The price was very competitive, the service, top of the line.

    Mike & Roxanne
  • You were very responsive, timely, prompt and on time. Installation was well done!

  • My gratitude for your professionalism, technical expertise and courteous manner. Your company should be proud.

  • Water is so fresh to drink... It's awesome - even the cats seem to drink more often. Thank you.

  • Yes, the water is much cleaner and I can drink and cook with it with no after affects.

    Barry & Sandi
  • The water tastes great! Arsenic removed! No more H20 bottles to carry.

    Donna and Paul
  • Excellent service from salesman / installer John.

    Anne & Stuart
  • One benefit was it worked fine in a new location. The other one is the new tap on the counter. Plus it has a bigger tank.

  • Wow! What a wonderful feeling.

  • Got rid of the (expensive!) cooler we've had for the past year.

  • Excellent. Clearer, no iron taste.

    Kristie & Barry
  • Excellent - so happy with the results of our water now!

    Ross & Ann
  • Water quality is excellant. Stains are gone.

  • Everyone I spoke with was very helpful and friendly.  Our experience was exactly what you look for with a company.  Great customer service.

    Jeff & Kerri
  • Service provided was impeccable and professional. Hats off to Jonathan Swan for his professionalism, accuracy in describing and fixing problems with our water.

    Marven & Beverley
  • Marked clarity, now it's drinkable.

  • Friendly, Professional, Prompt

  • Excellent service and friendly staff.

  • Your service was far superior to any other company we have ever dealt with. We recommended you to everyone we know.

  • Very good. Very patient.

  • Excellent. The staff was very friendly and professional.

  • No pushy sales which is a huge plus. Clothes soft, hair soft, dishes cleaner without white film.  Drinking water tastes great.

    Kim & Dennis
  • Excellent. Staff were very friendly and willing to go above and beyond to provide the service to us.

  • The timing was excellent.  The tech was knowledgeable, knew his stuff, personable and fixed the problem.

  • Our dishes are now sparkling.  The dishwasher inside looks brand new.

    Keith & Sarah
  • Easy to work with. Great prices. Responsive.

  • Compared to other companies we've used in the past experience was very good. Wanted a company with technicians who really know what they are doing.

  • What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies over every other option? Reputation and knowledge of your salesman.

  • For the past ten years we have been unable to drink our household water. We wouldn't even use it on our house plants... we now have excellent water... excellent service.

    Richard and Sandy
  • I would recommend this water system to my friends.

  • Very positive, informative and helpful.

    Mike & Melody
  • Fast and professional. Impressed with the initial conversation and continued positive exchanges with follow-up conversations.

  • Keeping the taps from the blue-stains as I have put in new taps. Very pleased.

  • No more staining of our white laundry! Taste is much improved.

    The Smiths
  • The new water is healthier.

    Carol Ann
  • Unbelivable friendly & informative service. Never experianced anything quite like it!!

    Sarah - Kinder Garden Preschool
  • Very good. Great service.

    Eunice & Ross
  • Much softer water, no more orange stains on laundry, washing machine seems to be running more efficiently, no iron smell or taste in water.

  • Cleaner baths, clothes and dishes.

  • Great Service... great product.

  • Water is drinkable. Cleaner laundry. Less dry skin with soft water. Sinks, tub, toilet stay cleaner longer.

    Tony & Susan
  • There is a big difference.

    Eugene and Karen
  • Very good service.  Filter works Excellent.

  • Water is clear for the first time in months.

  • Very pleasant. Representative was friendly, efficient and professional.

    Rachel & Joel
  • Everything was wonderful. Courteous staff and quick reply when communicating! Excellent!

  • Efficient and effective.  The tech was on time for the appointment and completed the service in a timely manner and fixed the problem (smell).

  • It no longer contains arsenic.

    Jim and Ann
  • No words can describe our water quality before and after.

    Les & Betty Ann
  • The only place we could get Watts products.  Others advertise Watts and then give you a knockoff product.

  • You answered all our questions and didn't push us into something not needed. Cleaner and tastier.

  • Great improvement.

  • Better tasting, skin improvements, no smell in the shower, cleaner dishes, and a comfort knowing the junk is gone.

    Timothy and Stephanie
  • [What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies?]

    • Prompt response.
    • Had product / solution I was looking for.
    • Didn't try to sell more than that.

  • The tech was knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything and all of my options moving forward.

  • Water is clear, no sediment.

  • Great, professional in their work.

  • Big difference from before. Clean water!!

  • Excellent and professional. Great Job!!

  • Great service!

    Katie & Nathan
  • Less soapin washer and for dishes.

    Alex & Elizabeth
  • From initial contact right through installation it was an excellent experience. Our water quality has improved 100%.

  • Your technician was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Over all it was very positive.

  • John who installed the unit was exceptional.  Water is much better now.

  • Thank you for your down to earth professionalism.

  • It has been several weeks since we became proud owners of 'the system'. We marvel at the difference it has made in our lives everyday. We were impressed by all of your dedication and belief in the products... we were also impressed by the expertise and quality service.

    Reg & Lynn
  • You resolved a water issue I have been trying to resolve for close to 14 years.

    Nick and Jane
  • Great customer service.  Nathaniel was great, explained everything.  He is prompt in returning calls as well.  Very pleased with everything.

  • Our experience from the first meeting to final installation was flawless.

    Tara and Ryan
  • Sure is nice not having to clean rust stains.

  • Showed up when appointment said he would. Fixed the issue promptly and it cost what he said it would.

  • Very good experience, will recommend Envirowater to our friends.

    Jonathan and Andrea
  • Extremely satisfied.  Prompt, courteous, accommodating service.

    Philip & Jennifer
  • Your TECH is very knowledgeable and customer service oriented.  Went above and beyond!

  • Once we got the system serviced, it started working much better. Thank you!

    Brian and Lianne
  • Wonderful. It's refreshing to deal with a company that comes across as trustfull, competent and caring. Jonathan... one of the best sales consultants I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

  • Water is now great tasting and clear.

    Alan and Chris
  • No you were prompt, on time service with friendly rep who to the job done in good amount of time. And knowledgeable.

  • Improved pressure.

  • Service was great.  Good response time, wonderful service.

  • We were very happy the the service we received. Efficient quick and responsive.

  • We should have went with this system first. I'm sure we could have saved money.

  • Major improvement.  I had such high iron.  Now there is no staining on clothes when doing laundry or in sinks etc.  Dishes don't turn black now.

  • Excellent overall experience.  Very efficient service from the first call to the initial assessment and final installation.  Excellent work and a great technician.

    Heather & Paul
  • Jonathan was efficient, conscientious and professional.  I am very please with the care he too and with the quality of his work.

  • Softer skin and hair. Better water and less soap needed.

    Bruce and Mary
  • No more holding your breath in the shower because of rotten egg smell.

    James and Krista
  • When I called the man that answered was very friendly and professional, a huge change from the company we used previously, so I decided to give you a try.

    Lisa & Scott
  • Water is nice and soft!

  • Silky in shower. No smell.

  • He took the time to help me understand the system. We are extremely pleased with our system.

    Colin & Joanne
  • Extremely positive and professional and knowledgeable.

  • Great, knowledgeable and on time. Availability and knowledgeable staff.

  • Softer water with a generally 'cleaner' feel & smell & taste.

  • Thanks for the great customer service and prompt responses to emails.  Also seamless and easy.

  • Very positive. Friendly knowledgeable staff.  Prompt Service. Friendly person on phone with knowledge.

  • We were thrilled with the service we received.

    Jeremey and Sarah
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