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Water is a precious resource which in many parts of the world is in very short supply. With the ever increasing reliance on an ever diminishing resource, many households the world over are seeking a simple and cost effective way to collect and save rainwater, that otherwise would simply be lost. All Rain Water Harvesting solutions are customized to your needs.

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The water you consume, wash in and clean with is a complicated mix of elements.  Envirowater Technologies has been providing complete water solutions for home owners and businesses in Nova Scotia since 2006.  We offer free in home water testing and will advise you on the best possible system for your water needs.


  • The smell is gone, the water taste has improved.

  • When talking on the phone, did not try to oversell me on upgrades.

  • The installer went beyond his job and we really appreciate it. He explained everything he was doing and even showed me what was wrong. He has suburb customer service skills.

  • No staining. We can drink it!

  • Peace of mind (for clean drinking water). Convenience (no more jugs).

  • Very happy with the service, would certainly recommend to family friends or strangers.

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