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  • Pets are drinking more water, we are drinking more water.

    Ron and Joan
  • I do like the fact that I don't have to use a Brita anymore. The water taste is good.

  • Water is better than it was before the system.

    Jonathan & Heather
  • Thank you for the excellent service, and for helping to restore my faith that there are still people who care about doing good work and treating people right. If you ever need a reference, I would be pleased to provide a glowing one.

  • Excellent prompt service.

  • I do not need to use conditioner on hair.

    Mike and Dawn
  • Improved pressure.

  • Once we got the system serviced, it started working much better. Thank you!

    Brian and Lianne
  • No you were prompt, on time service with friendly rep who to the job done in good amount of time. And knowledgeable.

  • Little to no build up in appliances (ie Coffee Maker). We can actually drink our water now.

    Fran & Darrick
  • What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies over every other option? Their knowledge of the product and water needs.

    Andre & Doreen
  • I'd say you lived up to expectations and more!... The improvement is the ability to have the info to monitor use, and to soften water by demand rather than time and that's a BIG improvement.

  • Have noticed a complete improvement in all water use and a better knowledge of this system as a result of your service man.

  • Very good

    Brooke & Norma
  • Good, the installer took his time and did a great job!!

  • Faucets, dishes & sink / toilet stay cleaner longer.  Hair softer, suds in the sink & washer have increased.

  • Above and beyond, with the installation.

  • I also feel confident that if I have any issues or questions, that Envirowater will respond and assist with the solution.

  • My bath and sink water stay clear. I feel like I am staying in a hotel.

  • It's healthier than city water.

  • The installer went beyond his job and we really appreciate it. He explained everything he was doing and even showed me what was wrong. He has suburb customer service skills.

  • It's nice to see that a company will stand behind their product.

    Kim and James
  • I have noticed a significant change in my water.  It actually looks cleaner and all odour has been removed.  I no longer have to worry about iron stains on my laundry and my massive sulphate build up as significantly reduced.  It was worth the investment.

  • Softer water with a generally 'cleaner' feel & smell & taste.

  • I actually have been telling everyone about the wonderful change in our water.

    Etta and Kevin
  • ... not having to deal with adding chemicals is a big plus.

    Larry & Mary Ann
  • Excellent and informative (the representative took the time to explain the equipment and installation).

    Dave & Anne
  • Excellent service from salesman / installer John.

    Anne & Stuart
  • We were completely satisfied and specifically impressed with how knowledgeable your staff was especially with all the extensive water tasting.

    Aimee and Blair
  • Great service, great advice and a great price.

    Aaron and Jenesta
  • Clean toilets, no scale in kettle, better tasting H2O.

    Mike and Elsie
  • Good safe water to drink. It tastes good! Thank you.

  • Less upset stomach.

    David & Jen
  • Smell is gone. Toilet bowls are cleaner.

  • Experience was good! No complaints.

  • Showed up when appointment said he would. Fixed the issue promptly and it cost what he said it would.

  • It's noticeably softer. The taste is very marginally different but not appreciably.

  • Excellent. Punctual, friendly, helpful and professional.

  • Water is no longer hard and the iron and sulfur smell is gone!

    Dave & Laura
  • We were also pleased with the cost compared to any alternative solution to the problem.

    Joyce & Bob
  • Good experience - Great results.

  • My water has turned from dark brown to clear - no more visible iron. No more sludge in the sinks and toilets to clean.

  • Water tastes better for drinking.

  • Less soapin washer and for dishes.

    Alex & Elizabeth
  • No more iron stains in the toilet / sinks / plates / mugs etc.

  • None of the gritty residue we experienced before we installed the unit. We are impressed.

    Joan and Irwin
  • Unbelivable friendly & informative service. Never experianced anything quite like it!!

    Sarah - Kinder Garden Preschool
  • No staining. We can drink it!

  • No smell, brown colour disappeared.

    Wayne and Edith
  • I knew he (Jon Swan) would be reliable and on time.  He did not disappoint.

    Jason & Cora Lee
  • You were very responsive, timely, prompt and on time. Installation was well done!

  • My gratitude for your professionalism, technical expertise and courteous manner. Your company should be proud.

  • Positive, professional and helpful.

  • The water has improved immensely.

  • No stains. Crystal clean.

    Bill and Nancy
  • We have noticed softer skin and hair, soap savings, and better tasting water since you put our unit in. We are very pleased.

  • My experience with your company was 100% positive.

  • One of the best investments that we have made.

    Keith & Eleanor
  • Found people very helpful and eager to share information.

  • Wonderful drinking water - definitely better than bottled water.

  • There was a noticeable difference in the softening.

  • We don't have arsenic in our drinking water any more.

    Eric and Maureen
  • We were very happy the the service we received. Efficient quick and responsive.

  • The system works great and it is very nice to have clear water and it tastes good.

  • Our water tastes better according to out 12 year old. He noticed right away!

    Bill and Henriette
  • Rust we had prior to system is resolved.

    David & Crystal
  • The price was very competitive, the service, top of the line.

    Mike & Roxanne
  • The experience was very professional.

    Trevor & Mandy
  • Everything done as requested, No complaints.

    Trevor & Nadine
  • Cleaner dishes, softer skin, toilet and sinks are not stained anymore.

    Emile and Lucienne
  • The water from the filter is clear and fresh tasting.

    Lee and Janet
  • Thanks for the care taken with our installation. Everything was done well and with attention to detail.

    Norman & Dawn
  • Softer water, you could tell by just washing your hands.

  • Excellent.  The technician (John I think) was very knowledgeable and well prepared, and arrived on time.

  • Cleaner dishes from dish washer, water test came back clean and clear.

    Ray & Debbie
  • No more holding your breath in the shower because of rotten egg smell.

    James and Krista
  • I am allergic to Chlorine so no more itching after taking a shower. Everything tastes better cooked with filtered water.

  • The service was perfect... On a points system, 10/10.

    Gail and Doug
  • Very professional and pleasant, a real relief considering most other companies a person has to deal with.

    Mike & Linda
  • Our experience has been 2nd to none. Very professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

  • With the new system, the water runs crystal clear, and the drinking water is the best we have ever tasted.

  • My toilets and showers are no longer stained! Woohoo.

  • Less soaps, shampoo, etc. Cleans clothes, dishes, pots, etc better.

    The McRae's
  • The water is always cool, has a great taste... not like typical city water.

  • ...definitely safe to drink now.

    Jason and Stephanie
  • It [water quality] is fantastic.

    Tina & Kevin
  • Clear, better tasting.

  • We were thrilled with the service we received.

    Jeremey and Sarah
  • Happy with the result.

  • The water cooling system is very effective.

  • Having peace of mind that our pipes are safe and hopefully we won’t be on our 4th hot water tank.  We are very happy with the system.

    Etta and Kevin
  • Cleaner tub, toilet, etc.

    John and Della
  • An incredible difference!  The improvement over the old system (softener, iron filter) is amazing.  We no longer have red water, no smell and the system is doing great.

    Alice & Charles
  • Skin is softer... water was almost unusable, now it's fine.

    Sandra & Charles
  • Excellent! It's how I wish every visit by a contractor or service tech would go.

    Brian & Connie
  • Obvious that he [John] was very diligent and committed to making best choices to solve problems and doing it right!

    Chris - Enviro-lite Renovations
  • It was a wonderful experience, thanks. We have no problem referring you when the opportunity arises.

    Darlene and Lucy
  • The technician explained the system and cleaned the nozzles which were clogged.

  • Water tastes wonderful. More important the coffee is 100% better.

    Penny & Dave
  • The water looks, smells, feels and tastes great! Thanks again.

  • I am using less soap in washing dishes and clothes.

  • Technician was very knowledgeable and able to give advice on solutions.

    Tony & Michelle
  • [What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies?]

    • Prompt response.
    • Had product / solution I was looking for.
    • Didn't try to sell more than that.

  • Hair feels better after showering.

  • No stains on cutlery.

    Road and Mary
  • have you noticed any improvements in your water quality? Tenfold... Skin improved, showering no longer leaves us dry and itchy skin.

    Dave & Tammey
  • It has made a huge difference in our household.

  • Our installer was very knowledgeable and pleasant.

  • Your company has provided us with exceptional service. When you book an appointment you show up on-time and take the time to do the job right.

    Robert & Wendy
  • Clothes don't smell out of the washing machine.

  • Better tasting water, less iron staining, using less soap, cleaner dishes from dishwasher.

  • Having a shower is now a treat. I feel so much better and cleaner.

    Gerry and Shirley
  • Good - Excellent

  • My water tastes wonderful.

  • He was knowledgeable and provided great customer service.

    Jennifer and Darren
  • Two very satisfied customers.

    Joe and Shirley
  • Great drinking water.

    David & Joan
  • #1 benefit... we can drink our own water... We are so pleased with your service.

    Charmaine & Tyler
  • The coffee tastes amazing! ... We will recommend reverse osmosis to everyone we know!

  • It's the first time in 11 years that I can drink the water.

    Etta and Kevin
  • We should have went with this system first. I'm sure we could have saved money.

  • It has made a great deal of difference in the smell and taste of water, especially the smell. Great! Thank you so much.

  • Laundry is a pleasure to do, water tastes so much better, use less detergent, mom's hair is turning white again (yellow disappearing), clothes are staying white.

  • Very good. Very patient.

  • We notice a big difference in our iron showing in the toilet, sinks, coffee pot, and washer. Thank you.

  • We have no sulphur smell and we now drink the water. Thank you so much.

    Lynn and Michael
  • Very good. Always got a quick response and people I dealt with were very efficient and accommodating... Safe water = happy family!!

    Keith and Lynda
  • Great, outstanding service from start to finish.

  • We do feel the water is softer. Very happy with the job!

    Hazel and Wayne
  • Better tasting water!

    Bobby and Holly
  • Good. It was simple and no pressure to buy equipment I do not need.

    Shawn & Sandy
  • There is no more staining of the toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs, washing machine, dishwasher, and more importantly our china place settings.

    Brian and Heidi
  • Wonderful

  • Sulphur smell is gone! Water tastes way better! Using way less salt!

    Sheryl and Clarence
  • Thank you so much for our fresh, clean and delicious water!... My skin is a normal color again!

  • Excellent water quality in all respects.

    Gary and Ruby
  • John who installed the unit was exceptional.  Water is much better now.

  • Water is drinkable. Cleaner laundry. Less dry skin with soft water. Sinks, tub, toilet stay cleaner longer.

    Tony & Susan
  • Very helpful and very courteous approach.

  • Much softer water, no more orange stains on laundry, washing machine seems to be running more efficiently, no iron smell or taste in water.

  • System works great. Water quality is even better than it ever was with our kinetico system.

    Nick and Kelly
  • I would recommend envirowater to my friends and family.

  • My coffee tastes better.

  • It no longer contains arsenic.

    Jim and Ann
  • Jonathan went above and beyond expectation and displayed a high level of proficiency while on site and communication with Darwin was excellent.  

  • Everyone we had contact with was very friendly and knowledgeable.

  • We were very impressed with your company.... You have won our business! Great work, keep it up!

    Jordon & Jocelyn
  • It was very good. Very professional.

  • We are very happy with the results and are recommending Envirowater to our friends. Thank you again to John.

    Joanna & David
  • I appreciate the prompt service.

  • Friendly and did their work on time.

    Dave & Rena
  • From initial contact right through installation it was an excellent experience. Our water quality has improved 100%.

  • Our drinking water is so much better. Also our laundry looks better.

    Advid and Gayle
  • Really appreciate not pushing a sale and thorough investigation of our water. He [Don Howard] was patient.

  • No more bags of salt.

    Felix and Barb
  • Can drink the water again.

    Felix and Barb
  • We are very satisfied with the service we have received so far.

  • All in all this was the most professional experience I have ever had.

  • What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies over every other option? That would be how knowledgeable and helpful and pleasant your rep is. (Jon Swan)

  • It will take no time at all for this system to pay for itself.

  • The water is not staining..

  • A great improvement over the one that was worn out.

    Marilyn and Oliver
  • Friendly and helpful staff. The taste of iron is gone.

  • Prompt, courteous and extremely professional.  Our water problem was solved withing days of our initial phone call.

    Richard & Christina
  • Very good experience, will recommend Envirowater to our friends.

    Jonathan and Andrea
  • Don, called me back when he said he would. Very professional. Worked within our budget.

  • The tech did respond immediately to repair it the following morning...

  • Very impressed with our system!

    Marty & Autumn
  • The service is excellent.

  • Our water is now drinkable, thanks to our new R/O.

  • Very Good.

    Darrell & Barbara
  • It has been several weeks since we became proud owners of 'the system'. We marvel at the difference it has made in our lives everyday. We were impressed by all of your dedication and belief in the products... we were also impressed by the expertise and quality service.

    Reg & Lynn
  • We can drink it now!  No more taste or smell.

  • Results have been impressive.

  • Within 1 week of having the water softener installed my skin was healed; soft, no cracks, no bleeding, no pain, able to straighten my fingers. I would highly recommend an Envirowater Technologies water softener to anyone who suffers from eczema or other similar skin conditions.

    Steve & Wendy
  • Great Service... great product.

  • My water is clearer, softer.

  • The technician was very friendly and had a positive attitude.

    Rick & Ann
  • The taste of the water makes it more encouraging to drink more. My skin dryness has improved.

    Pat & Robert
  • Excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable.

    Mike & Shannon
  • The guys went above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Everything was wonderful. Courteous staff and quick reply when communicating! Excellent!

  • We have dealt with three companies since living in our house. Your company was the best by far.

    Micheal and Michelle
  • Extremely satisfied.  Prompt, courteous, accommodating service.

    Philip & Jennifer
  • Thank you for the great looking water system install.  My dad was very impressed with your professionalism and craftsmanship. (He's a former tech ed teacher).

  • Softer skin and hair, more refreshing showers... no chlorine smell.

  • Very happy with the quick response and working with us to get a solution to our situation. Other [water companies] did not respond, or did not respond in a timely manner.

    Melissa & Philip
  • Friends coming here were surprised how good the water is now.

  • Coffee tastes better. Can notice a big difference.

  • Ron Steffensen did an excellent job. He was always on time and willing to answere questions, no matter how many times they were asked! He worked hard to create a system that was in our price range.

  • No smell when turning on the taps.

    Kevin & Anne
  • Yes my water is now drinkable!!

  • No odor. Awesome.

  • The system is great and efficient... our water is safe and soft - any tap, any time!

    Meyers Family
  • Pleasant.

  • Everything was great. Very good, lots of explanations and discussions prior to the sale.

  • All that disappeared the day Jonathan (the Envirowater technician) installed the water softener system

  • Don Howard was very professional and focused and made recommendations that worked well.

  • Our water no longer has an odor.

    George and Doris
  • Great

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