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  • I was very happy with the service we received by your service rep.

  • Tubs not stained after filling. Don't have to clean toilets every second day.

    Pat and Jen
  • I no longer have iron stains on my appliances or bathroom fixtures.

  • It was very good. Very professional.

  • I will be recommending your company to everyone who asks and have already told three of my coworkers how great the equipment is and how wonderful the service was. Please give John and Jonathan a huge thank you for us.

    Tasha & Bruce
  • Unbelivable friendly & informative service. Never experianced anything quite like it!!

    Sarah - Kinder Garden Preschool
  • I do not need to use conditioner on hair.

    Mike and Dawn
  • My water softener provides me with numerous benefits. Healthier skin and hair.

  • The quality and clarity of our water appears very good.

  • Great service overall - a 10 out of 10.  Knowledgeable and very helpful.

    Denis & Kairess
  • I like that the system is relatively maintenance free. Great service.

  • Very good, prompt service and neat and tidy installation.

    Merlin & Jacqueline
  • For the past ten years we have been unable to drink our household water. We wouldn't even use it on our house plants... we now have excellent water... excellent service.

    Richard and Sandy
  • Very professional, on time, reliable. No more green hair!!!!

  • Tastes good, feel safe drinking it!

  • All in all this was the most professional experience I have ever had.

  • All that disappeared the day Jonathan (the Envirowater technician) installed the water softener system

  • Odor / color good!

    Sarah Jane & Charles
  • The water is clear, tastes clean and crisp.... Everything feels and looks cleaner.

  • My water is clearer, softer.

  • The water from the filter is clear and fresh tasting.

    Lee and Janet
  • The water is not yellow any more, softer hair, tastes better.

    Barb and Ray
  • Very positive, informative and helpful.

    Mike & Melody
  • Compared to other companies we've used in the past experience was very good. Wanted a company with technicians who really know what they are doing.

  • My coffee tastes better.

  • Quick, reasonable price, friendly staff.

  • Great customer service... Yes - tastes much better!

  • Informative & helpful

    Troy & Mel
  • The benefits of your water treatment system are many.

    Cliffe and Claire
  • He treated my issues as if he was the home owner.

  • The technician explained the system and cleaned the nozzles which were clogged.

  • My water has turned from dark brown to clear - no more visible iron. No more sludge in the sinks and toilets to clean.

  • No more iron stains in the toilet / sinks / plates / mugs etc.

  • So our water is much safer and tastes great!

    Mark and Jennifer
  • Softer water with a generally 'cleaner' feel & smell & taste.

  • Friendly, knowledgeable service.  Reliable - came at scheduled app. time.

    Paul & Nola
  • good taste, better removal of stains in wash, less build up on sinks...

    Joe & Mary
  • Great taste, save lots of $ on OJ, girls like saying 'can I have more R.O. water please?'

    Scott and Marcy
  • The installation is tidy and professional. Smells and tastes better.

  • Thanks for explaining as you were doing the install.

    Larry & Diane
  • I was not even a customer of Envirowater... I had no idea who installed the system

  • [What were the most important reasons/factors for choosing Envirowater Technologies?] Disappointment with our previous supplier not following up on a request for a service call and convenience.

    Dave & Patty
  • Thank you, we feel as if we made a good investment.

  • There is no more staining of rust (iron) in my bathroom sink. Also no more salt crystallizing on my water spout of my fridge.

  • We no longer have milky, bubbly water due to the methane problem. Our water is no longer smelly... Thank you.

  • Very impressed with the service and attention to detail when assisting our daughter with her water issues.

    Clive & Kim
  • Prompt service. We feel more confident with UV light.

    Patricia & Don
  • Rotten egg smell gone. Water is much better, very satisfied. Thank you.

    Bill and Morine
  • A very positive experience.  Installer was very informative.  He helped us find an economical water treatment solution for my home.

  • No smell, soft water, no colour. All that was promised.

    Bruce & Lisa
  • Technician was extremely courteous and professional.

  • It does not stain bathtubs or toilets. It tastes Better. We are very pleased. It was an overall good experience.

  • No sulphur smell... very, very pleased with our water treatment system.

    Treena and Shane
  • We are impressed, in particular with the fact that someone will be servicing our system on a yearly basis. That in itself is a huge plus that gives us 'peace of mind'.

    Mike & Angela
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Water is better than it was before the system.

    Jonathan & Heather
  • Drinking water is realy good.

  • Tastes great! Thanks!

    Ryan and Amy
  • I will surely recommend your company in the future. A very pleased customer.

  • Cleaner tub, toilet, etc.

    John and Della
  • Actually have soap bubbles in the water when doing laundry.

  • Wonderful... Much cleaner and save on soap.

    John & Marlyn
  • Professional and very informative. Would recommend to any other 'Rusty' home.

    Wally & Lil
  • No smell or rusty water.

    Joe and Bev
  • Had retested [the water quality] and passed with flying colours. Your website was very informative, your staff (John) was great to deal with and very easy to talk to.

  • Can drink the water again.

    Felix and Barb
  • The water is always cool, has a great taste... not like typical city water.

  • We were completely satisfied with our experience with Envirowater. The service was excellent and the products are too.

    Wade & Chantel
  • Dishes in dishwasher are clean again. Showering in soft water is wonderful.

    Peter and Margie
  • Great service, great advice and a great price.

    Aaron and Jenesta
  • Amazing! Friendly, efficient, honest, and confident staff.

  • The water looks, smells, feels and tastes great! Thanks again.

  • Excellent. Very efficient, fast, service. Installer was very helpful in explaining how the system worked.

  • No pushy sales which is a huge plus. Clothes soft, hair soft, dishes cleaner without white film.  Drinking water tastes great.

    Kim & Dennis
  • Excellent service. Knowledgeable staff.

  • Customer service is excellence.  From office staff to technicians very positive experience.

    Kim & Grant
  • We were really impressed with all aspects of installation.

  • Our water is really good now. We are very pleased with our water system.

    Emily & Robert
  • Very good

  • Keep up the good work / customer service.

  • Very prompt, professional and reassuring. They listened to my concerns, where prompt in my service and informative.

  • Service was efficient and professional.  Very educational too! Our system is working very well.

    Doug & Sandy
  • Excellent. [What were the most important reasons you chose envirowater TECHNOLOGIES?] Honesty.  My sister initially made the call and Don was very helpful.

  • No chlorine smell or taste. Skin softer after shower.

    Atlantic B&B
  • No more chlorine smell.

    Dan & Brett
  • Very happy, guy was honest and helpful.

    • odor disappeared
    • no longer a build up the shower or shower curtains
    • use less shampoo
    • dishes and cutlery sparkle
    • lessened itchy skin, especially following a shower

    Earl & Ellen
  • I was pleased with the services from start to finish... After nine years of buying bottled water for drinking we are now drinking water straight from the tap! I smile every time I go by the bottled water section of the grocery store.

  • Very good - technician who serviced the system was knowledgeable, answered my questions, explained how things worked, was exceptional with use of my space and clean-up.  Your company has a valuable employee.

  • We really notice that we feel softer and use less detergent

  • We installed our system because our water quality was terrible, although it was potable. We are very pleased with the results.

    Floyd & Cherie
  • Great, professional in their work.

  • Water is no longer hard and the iron and sulfur smell is gone!

    Dave & Laura
  • Experience was good! No complaints.

  • Yes the water tastes better, but really it's the service one has to rave about.

  • Definitely improved!

    Bob & Donna
  • Huge difference! It went from being virtually unusable, resembling chocolate milk registering arsenic to crystal clear and safe to drink.

  • Wow! What a wonderful feeling.

  • Happy with the result.

  • Silky in shower. No smell.

  • Efficient and pleasant.

  • Smell of H2O is gone and we are enjoying the use of clean/smell free H2O. Don provided excellent service. Keep up the good work.

  • Excellent water quality in all respects.

    Gary and Ruby
  • The clear iron is no longer a problem!

  • Don was very professional and thorough with his service.

    Leigh & Jeff
  • 100% better. Very satisfied. Don is a professional installer.

  • Great improvement.

  • A vast improvement in both color and odor - no more rust content.

  • Improved taste.

  • Good experience - Great results.

  • Exceptional service... Knowledgeable staff.

  • Before we were never sure how much salt to use or if it was even working.

    Kris and Lucy
  • Very good. Very patient.

  • Wonderful! Always prompt, informative and friendly service.

    Landahoy Properties
  • Everything is working fine now and it feels good.

    John and Stella
  • All was outstanding. From first contact to writing the cheque. I would not change anything.

    Joe and Mary
  • Excellent

  • Rust we had prior to system is resolved.

    David & Crystal
  • Sulphur smell is gone! Water tastes way better! Using way less salt!

    Sheryl and Clarence
  • Ease the mind of knowing I am drinking clean water.

  • Better tasting water, less iron staining, using less soap, cleaner dishes from dishwasher.

  • I would recommend this water system to my friends.

  • The water is perfect. I wish I knew about the system earlier.

  • Very professional. From initial contact to final installation I was very happy.

  • Very good. Always got a quick response and people I dealt with were very efficient and accommodating... Safe water = happy family!!

    Keith and Lynda
  • Extremely satisfied.  Prompt, courteous, accommodating service.

    Philip & Jennifer
  • We have stopped buying bottled H2O, use less salt and are no longer dealing with rusty clothes. I would highly recommend!

  • Very happy with the quick response and working with us to get a solution to our situation. Other [water companies] did not respond, or did not respond in a timely manner.

    Melissa & Philip
  • My water tastes wonderful.

  • The condition of my hair has improved, toilets do not have to be cleaned as often.

  • Less soaps, shampoo, etc. Cleans clothes, dishes, pots, etc better.

    The McRae's
  • A great improvement over the one that was worn out.

    Marilyn and Oliver
  • It's nice to see that a company will stand behind their product.

    Kim and James
  • Service was always prompt, efficient and good advice.

    Frank & Virginia
  • Pleasant experience.

  • No ring around the bowl & whites are whiter.

    Jack & Marilyn
  • It tastes better, where before it tasted of iron.

    Mike and Crystal
  • Can tell that the hard water feeling is gone, slight odour in water is gone, no more mineral (brown) stains in toilets.

    Alex & Sara
  • You guys had top notch service.

    Steve and Karen
  • Yes the difference is remarkable. Sooo good to see clean bathroom fixtures. No more trips to the laundry mat. Even my hair seems cleaner and more manageable after washing. Thanks so much.

    James & Amy
  • Big difference from before. Clean water!!

  • The service exceeded my expectations.

    Bailey and Tammy
  • Excellent prompt service.

  • Good - Excellent

  • Have noticed a complete improvement in all water use and a better knowledge of this system as a result of your service man.

  • Very good experience.

  • #1 benefit... we can drink our own water... We are so pleased with your service.

    Charmaine & Tyler
  • No stains on cutlery.

    Road and Mary
  • Obvious that he [John] was very diligent and committed to making best choices to solve problems and doing it right!

    Chris - Enviro-lite Renovations
  • Very good... Friends recommendation

    Mike & Susan
  • Improvements in our water quality are amazing. Completely clear.  Heard about the company through a referral. My only regret is that we didn't do this years ago.  What a pleasure to have clear water that is not staining everything.  

  • Better pressure, no more black dirt.

  • Very excellent good company. 10.

  • Major improvement.  I had such high iron.  Now there is no staining on clothes when doing laundry or in sinks etc.  Dishes don't turn black now.

  • Tastes better.

  • Softer skin & hair.

  • Great, outstanding service from start to finish.

  • Clear, better tasting.

  • ...it certainly is good drinking H2O now.

    Cecil & Jillian
  • Excellent overall experience.  Very efficient service from the first call to the initial assessment and final installation.  Excellent work and a great technician.

    Heather & Paul
  • Excellent! It's how I wish every visit by a contractor or service tech would go.

    Brian & Connie
  • No smell when turning on the taps.

    Kevin & Anne
  • Water tastes better for drinking.

  • It was a wonderful experience, thanks. We have no problem referring you when the opportunity arises.

    Darlene and Lucy
  • Water is nice and soft!

  • I appreciate the prompt service.

  • Softer water, less soup used. Soft skin touch, better taste.

    Bob and Mary
  • Better tasting water!

    Bobby and Holly
  • We love our new water system, dishwasher is white inside again, toilet is flushing better, etc. What a difference!

    Rick & Sian
  • Taste is better.

    Conrad & Val
  • The water tastes great! Arsenic removed! No more H20 bottles to carry.

    Donna and Paul
  • Fast and professional. Impressed with the initial conversation and continued positive exchanges with follow-up conversations.

  • Thanks for the care taken with our installation. Everything was done well and with attention to detail.

    Norman & Dawn
  • We are enjoying our new water tremendously! No more rotten egg smell... The water tastes great and we are recommending your company to everyone we know!

    Andrew & Alison
  • Appliances and bathroom fixtures no longer stain brown. Shower is much more enjoyable.

  • Our drinking water is so much better. Also our laundry looks better.

    Advid and Gayle
  • Amazing. They guy was super helpful at answering my questions and explained everything to me.

    Morgan & Amanda
  • The water is great and gone are the stains in sinks & toilets!

  • Excellent. Accommodating Educational. Yes, lead has been reduced significantly.

  • Water is now clear

    Terry & Randy
  • Professional, courteous, knowledgeable

  • We do feel the water is softer. Very happy with the job!

    Hazel and Wayne
  • Everything was great. Very good, lots of explanations and discussions prior to the sale.

  • Very good service.

    Phillip and Katie
  • Our guests always remark about our water in a very positive way.

    Eleanor and Henry
  • No more spotting on my dishes, pots, pans and taps. Thank you for helping in improvement health wise when drinking and eating!

  • My gratitude for your professionalism, technical expertise and courteous manner. Your company should be proud.

  • Responsive and thorough.

  • Fast professional service.  No odour anymore and less iron residue.

  • You just don't realize how bad your water realy is until you start with the system your people installed.

    Mike and Eileen
  • Dishes are cleaner in dishwasher. Softer hair.

    Matt and Sarah
  • Oh yes, water is much better tasting!

    Joyce & Gary
  • Clean, drinkable, laundry friendly.

    Gary & Sonya
  • Having a shower is now a treat. I feel so much better and cleaner.

    Gerry and Shirley
  • It's nice to see that a company will stand behind their product.

    Kim and James
  • No more stains in the sink or toilet. Water is clear for the first time since I moved in. The smell is gone too!

  • I am very pleased with my purchase.

  • Our water no longer has an odor.

    George and Doris
  • Such a treat to have tea or coffee without the taste of chlorine.

    Gerry and Shirley
  • With the new system, the water runs crystal clear, and the drinking water is the best we have ever tasted.

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