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  • Yes the difference is remarkable. Sooo good to see clean bathroom fixtures. No more trips to the laundry mat. Even my hair seems cleaner and more manageable after washing. Thanks so much.

    James & Amy
  • Exceptional service... Knowledgeable staff.

  • System fully restored to previous output. Very satisfied.

    Ruby & Cory
  • [What were the most important reasons/factors for choosing Envirowater Technologies?] Disappointment with our previous supplier not following up on a request for a service call and convenience.

    Dave & Patty
  • The coffee tastes amazing! ... We will recommend reverse osmosis to everyone we know!

  • Thanks for the great system. Good customer service and good prices.

  • It has been very nice not to have to haul water bottles.

  • You guys were awesome.

    Leonard and Laura
  • The service was exceptional. Softer skin, no discolouration of clothes or plumbing fixtures, less soap used.

  • The new water is healthier.

    Carol Ann
  • No more bags of salt.

    Felix and Barb
  • Excellent. Very efficient, fast, service. Installer was very helpful in explaining how the system worked.

  • The tech was friendly, helpful and informative.

  • We don't have arsenic in our drinking water any more.

    Eric and Maureen
  • Good, the installer took his time and did a great job!!

  • Sulphur smell is gone! Water tastes way better! Using way less salt!

    Sheryl and Clarence
  • Finally able to drink my water with confidence.

  • I was not even a customer of Envirowater... I had no idea who installed the system

  • We were really impressed with all aspects of installation.

  • Water is softer, fixtures are not turned brown, less cleaning, no smell.

    Joe & Michelle
  • Softer water.

  • Drinking water tastes much better. A huge improvement for our house.

  • Experience was good! No complaints.

  • Coffee tastes better. Can notice a big difference.

  • No more brown spots on any clothing and my bathrooms are looking the same as the day we installed them.

    Cliff and Clare
  • Using less soap. Softer. Drinking water tastes better.

    The Blades
  • Water is drinkable. Cleaner laundry. Less dry skin with soft water. Sinks, tub, toilet stay cleaner longer.

    Tony & Susan
  • Our guests always remark about our water in a very positive way.

    Eleanor and Henry
  • The technician was knowledgeable and personable.

  • Water is no longer hard and the iron and sulfur smell is gone!

    Dave & Laura
  • Obvious that he [John] was very diligent and committed to making best choices to solve problems and doing it right!

    Chris - Enviro-lite Renovations
  • Odor is no longer apparent. Water feels softer.

  • All staff were very helpful and friendly.

  • The water from the filter is clear and fresh tasting.

    Lee and Janet
  • The smell is gone, the water taste has improved.

  • A very positive experience.  Installer was very informative.  He helped us find an economical water treatment solution for my home.

  • Experience was awesome.

  • Excellent! It's how I wish every visit by a contractor or service tech would go.

    Brian & Connie
  • The service was perfect... On a points system, 10/10.

    Gail and Doug
  • What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies over every other option? Reputation and knowledge of your salesman.

  • We now have peace of mind.

    Jim & Kim
  • Very happy with service. Pleasant and satisfying. Significant [improvement in water quality].

    Tim & Amy
  • Great speedy service and no mess left behind

    Sheldon and Andrea
  • The service exceeded my expectations.

    Bailey and Tammy
  • Thanks for explaining as you were doing the install.

    Larry & Diane
  • Our water system is working great.

    Shirley and Ralph
  • Got rid of the (expensive!) cooler we've had for the past year.

  • John was a wonderful representative to your company. We couldn't have asked for better service.

  • I have never received better service.

  • Also very knowledgeable, kind, professional and pleasant.

  • Before we were never sure how much salt to use or if it was even working.

    Kris and Lucy
  • Clean now and tasteless!

  • I will be recommending your company to everyone who asks and have already told three of my coworkers how great the equipment is and how wonderful the service was. Please give John and Jonathan a huge thank you for us.

    Tasha & Bruce
  • Can tell that the hard water feeling is gone, slight odour in water is gone, no more mineral (brown) stains in toilets.

    Alex & Sara
  • The system works great and it is very nice to have clear water and it tastes good.

  • No more red water.

    Marc and Chandra
  • Cleaner dishes, softer skin, toilet and sinks are not stained anymore.

    Emile and Lucienne
  • Tastes better.

  • You just don't realize how bad your water realy is until you start with the system your people installed.

    Mike and Eileen
  • We love our water! ... I am very allergic to chlorine and have had no reaction since your installation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • We are enjoying our new water system very much.

  • Very happy, guy was honest and helpful.

  • Water is 100 times better!

    Scot & Rachel
  • The water is great to drink in the R.O. system.

  • Better taste. No bacteria. No Residual.

  • Better tasting water

  • Tastes better... more confidence the water is safe to consume.

  • One of the best investments that we have made.

    Keith & Eleanor
  • No smell, no staining, water tastes better, soap savings.

    Max and Romi
  • Prompt and Personable.

  • Better tasting water, less iron staining, using less soap, cleaner dishes from dishwasher.

  • The new system gives me fresh drinking water.

  • There is a big difference.

    Eugene and Karen
  • We are very pleased with the water treatment. We rate the overall experience with your company excellent.

    George and Shirley
  • There is no more staining of the toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs, washing machine, dishwasher, and more importantly our china place settings.

    Brian and Heidi
  • We were very impressed.

  • Your service man was great.  He took care of our needs as if it were his own home.

    Sandra & Epke
  • Excellent - Prompt and educated service!

    Phil and Kitty
  • Ron Steffensen was so professional, and made sure that I understood the problems I had with my water, and I felt confident and trusted his recommendations. No smell to the water, now drinkable water, softer water. I have already recommended this company to friends. I couldn't be happier.

  • He sold us what we needed. Your options to work with were within our budget and it was installed quickly.

    Greg and Julie
  • John did an excellent job. He was excellent at explaining the whole process.

    Allana & Mike
  • All that disappeared the day Jonathan (the Envirowater technician) installed the water softener system

  • He took the time to help me understand the system. We are extremely pleased with our system.

    Colin & Joanne
  • Less soapin washer and for dishes.

    Alex & Elizabeth
  • We have no sulphur smell and we now drink the water. Thank you so much.

    Lynn and Michael
  • I felt that the Envirowater solution was the best way to go - both for me and the environment... there are no additional costs for me now.

  • We do feel the water is softer. Very happy with the job!

    Hazel and Wayne
  • Great & efficient service. Will definitely recommend.

  • Two very satisfied customers.

    Joe and Shirley
  • The benefits of your water treatment system are many.

    Cliffe and Claire
  • An incredible difference!  The improvement over the old system (softener, iron filter) is amazing.  We no longer have red water, no smell and the system is doing great.

    Alice & Charles
  • [What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies?]

    • Prompt response.
    • Had product / solution I was looking for.
    • Didn't try to sell more than that.

  • He treated my issues as if he was the home owner.

  • I received excellent service... My water has never been better... There is no trace of sulphur smell. There is no trace of metallic tastes.

  • My toilets and showers are no longer stained! Woohoo.

  • It has made a huge difference in our household.

  • Excellent - so happy with the results of our water now!

    Ross & Ann
  • Very knowledgeable and personable technician.

    Karen & Brian
  • Very accommodating.

  • There are no stains in the toilet or bathtub and the R/O water tastes much better. Great customer service is hard to find these days.

    Joe & Sarah
  • Knowledgeable, Efficient...  Love my water...

    Margaret & Curtis
  • We no longer have milky, bubbly water due to the methane problem. Our water is no longer smelly... Thank you.

  • Friendly, knowledgeable service.  Reliable - came at scheduled app. time.

    Paul & Nola
  • No more chlorine smell.

    Dan & Brett
  • My water tastes wonderful.

  • Very excellent good company. 10.

  • Very good

    Brooke & Norma
  • Very good.

  • We are very happy with the results and are recommending Envirowater to our friends. Thank you again to John.

    Joanna & David
  • Water tastes better. No more hard water spots

    Scenic Valley Farms
  • Cleaner water in toilets.

  • No more iron stains in the toilet / sinks / plates / mugs etc.

  • Excellent service. Knowledgeable staff.

  • Great, friendly, on time service

  • No more sulfur smell, toilet and tub has been much cleaner.

  • Better tasting water, softer, no smelly water.

    Helen & Frank
  • Your system is much more convenient and the water tastes excellent! John Brown did an excellent job on the installation.

  • Taste is better.

    Conrad & Val
  • We can drink it now!  No more taste or smell.

  • Compared to other companies we've used in the past experience was very good. Wanted a company with technicians who really know what they are doing.

  • Our washing machine and dish washer both now appear to be doing a more effective job of cleaning using less soap.

    Brian and Heidi
  • My skin and hair become softer.

  • Yes.  I can use my dishwasher again and my sinks don't turn yellow, also a big improvement in the bathroom. Everything I heard was good about your company.

    Lionel & Maxine
  • The technician was very friendly and had a positive attitude.

    Rick & Ann
  • We don't mind when our baby drinks the bath water.

  • No pushy sales which is a huge plus. Clothes soft, hair soft, dishes cleaner without white film.  Drinking water tastes great.

    Kim & Dennis
  • What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies over every other option? Their knowledge of the product and water needs.

    Andre & Doreen
  • Good. It was simple and no pressure to buy equipment I do not need.

    Shawn & Sandy
  • I can drink water from the tap now.

    Betty Lou
  • The brown water is gone! The water tastes better. We dont have to use as much soap.

    Joe and Cheryl
  • The best. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest score, your company is a 10.

  • Everyone I spoke with was very helpful and friendly.  Our experience was exactly what you look for with a company.  Great customer service.

    Jeff & Kerri
  • You din't install our system - but we should have a called you you to do that - Don serviced our system and now is working!

  • Great Service... great product.

  • Excellent service and friendly staff.

  • Tastes great! Thanks!

    Ryan and Amy
  • Very Good.

    Darrell & Barbara
  • Installation guy was so friendly!

    Clint and Kate
  • I couldn't ask for better... My skin was much improved after only 2 days. Soap lasts longer and I need less of it. The taste of the water is much better

  • My water is clearer, softer.

  • Water is nice and soft!

  • No stains on cutlery.

    Road and Mary
  • No foul taste, no rusty colour, no smell, water seems excellent.

    Cathrine and Bill
  • All was done very professionally.

  • I was very happy with the service we received by your service rep.

  • Great, outstanding service from start to finish.

  • Little to no smell in our water. Better taste.

    Craig and Lisa
  • Water quality is excellant. Stains are gone.

  • Smell of H2O is gone and we are enjoying the use of clean/smell free H2O. Don provided excellent service. Keep up the good work.

  • I can drink my water without a salt taste.

  • Excellent.  Great customer service and response time. I can now cook with it!

  • Very positive experience.

  • We are totally satisfied with all aspects of our experience with envirowater Technologies. John Brown, was most knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. Our water quality as improved greatly.

  • Excellent experience - friendly and knowledgeable.

    Ryan & Shannon
  • Excellent Service! Uses much less salt than my old Culligan. Reliably soft water.  No iron staining.

  • Better taste, clarity.

  • I am very pleased with my purchase.

  • Very happy with the service, would certainly recommend to family friends or strangers.

  • Water is much clearer!

    Jack & Deborah
  • So our water is much safer and tastes great!

    Mark and Jennifer
  • The water tastes great! Arsenic removed! No more H20 bottles to carry.

    Donna and Paul
  • Everything is working fine now and it feels good.

    John and Stella
  • Excellent.  The technician (John I think) was very knowledgeable and well prepared, and arrived on time.

  • Excellent and professional. Great Job!!

  • Better tasting, better smelling, no discoloration or stains.

    Shannon & Scott
  • I do not need to use conditioner on hair.

    Mike and Dawn
  • Great service, Knowledgeable workers.

    Meander River Farm and Brewery
  • Drinking water is superb - loving it!

    Clinton & Kathy
  • Sulfur smell gone instantly, Iron levels have dropped significantly, Best investment that we could have made - what a change.

    Greg and Ashley
  • 'Champagne' like in the shower. Falk is a hard worker and his enthusiasm is unstoppable.

  • Gives us 'peace of mind'.

    Gordon and Linda
  • The professional visit and their follow up are very good assets.

  • No black stains.

    The Murphys
  • Very positive.  You arrived when promised and delivered exactly what you said you would.

    Jean-Michel & Mary Anne
  • Everything was wonderful. Courteous staff and quick reply when communicating! Excellent!

  • The dishes slip out of my hands.

    Greg and Carol
  • My coffee tastes better.

  • We were thrilled with the service we received.

    Jeremey and Sarah
  • Softer water, less soup used. Soft skin touch, better taste.

    Bob and Mary
  • Great service, great advice and a great price.

    Aaron and Jenesta
  • Safe to drink and now at low cost.

  • Showed up when appointment said he would. Fixed the issue promptly and it cost what he said it would.

  • We are enjoying our new water tremendously! No more rotten egg smell... The water tastes great and we are recommending your company to everyone we know!

    Andrew & Alison
  • The water tastes great and much better for suddsing.

  • It's healthier than city water.

  • Odor / color good!

    Sarah Jane & Charles
  • Extremely pleased!! There was no surprise pricing after the quote.

  • Unbelivable friendly & informative service. Never experianced anything quite like it!!

    Sarah - Kinder Garden Preschool
  • Very good service.  Quick from the time we called to having it put in / installed.

    Kenny & Cathy
  • No more staining of our white laundry! Taste is much improved.

    The Smiths
  • Your installer was terrific!

    Edward and Shirley
  • [Important factors for choosing Enviro Water Technologies.] Product reviews and price as well as general customer service in helping my with my decision.

  • ...we were very happy that we are able to finally control our iron issues. Thank you.

  • Peace of mind (for clean drinking water). Convenience (no more jugs).

  • Since the filters in my reverse system were changed, drinking water has been back better than ever.

  • Drains, hoses and washer no longer plug up. Filters no longer need removal and rinsing.

  • Don, called me back when he said he would. Very professional. Worked within our budget.

  • Our experience from the first meeting to final installation was flawless.

    Tara and Ryan
  • When I called the man that answered was very friendly and professional, a huge change from the company we used previously, so I decided to give you a try.

    Lisa & Scott
  • Like night and day! P.S. In the thirteen years I have lived here my water was bad. No one could fix it. I tried a lot of companies. Envirowater solved my problems. Thanks.

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