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  • You were quick to respond and did a great job with the installation.

    David & Kelley
  • Sulphur smell is gone! Water tastes way better! Using way less salt!

    Sheryl and Clarence
  • You just don't realize how bad your water realy is until you start with the system your people installed.

    Mike and Eileen
  • Thank you for the great looking water system install.  My dad was very impressed with your professionalism and craftsmanship. (He's a former tech ed teacher).

  • No stains on cutlery.

    Road and Mary
  • Very positive.  You arrived when promised and delivered exactly what you said you would.

    Jean-Michel & Mary Anne
  • John did an excellent job. He was excellent at explaining the whole process.

    Allana & Mike
  • Great overall experience.  Professional and knowledgeable staff, fair prices and easy to schedule.

  • Excellent. Staff were very friendly and willing to go above and beyond to provide the service to us.

  • My wife is pleased with the quality and taste of the water.

  • Very good. Less sediment.

    Colin and Kate
  • We no longer have milky, bubbly water due to the methane problem. Our water is no longer smelly... Thank you.

  • My experience with your company to date is fully satisfactory.

  • Gives us 'peace of mind'.

    Gordon and Linda
  • Very positive - you (John) came highly recommended from a co-worker and he didn't disappoint!

    Matt & Sarah
  • We notice a big difference in our iron showing in the toilet, sinks, coffee pot, and washer. Thank you.

  • Very impressed with our system!

    Marty & Autumn
  • Appliances and bathroom fixtures no longer stain brown. Shower is much more enjoyable.

  • We have noticed a significant improvement in our water quality since your company has installed a new iron filter system.

    Jennifer & John
  • No more iron stains in the toilet / sinks / plates / mugs etc.

  • We were very impressed with your company.... You have won our business! Great work, keep it up!

    Jordon & Jocelyn
  • No more sulfur smell, toilet and tub has been much cleaner.

  • Definitely improved!

    Bob & Donna
  • It was a wonderful experience, thanks. We have no problem referring you when the opportunity arises.

    Darlene and Lucy
  • No more red water.

    Marc and Chandra
  • Cleaning is easier. My dishes come out of the dish washer sparkling.

    Greg and Carol
  • Softer water.

  • Sulphur smell is gone. Colour has stayed clear.

    Patty & Todd
  • Dishes in dishwasher are clean again. Showering in soft water is wonderful.

    Peter and Margie
  • We can drink it, smell is gone, staining is gone, very happy. Thanks!

  • Water is clear now and the rusty color is much less on the toilet bowls.

  • You were quick to answer the phone and the rep showed knowledge about the equipment.

  • I have never received better service.

  • Service was always prompt, efficient and good advice.

    Frank & Virginia
  • Less soaps, shampoo, etc. Cleans clothes, dishes, pots, etc better.

    The McRae's
  • Hair feels better after showering.

  • Coffee tastes better. Can notice a big difference.

  • We like the fact that he took the extra time to explain how everything works. We are very pleased with everything overall.

    Alex & Brenda
  • Wish we had been aware of your company sooner!

  • Plumber didn't return my call and it was easy to set up an appointment [with Envirowater]. Johnathan was excellent to deal with.

  • Very thorough and knowledgeable during the whole process. They answered any questions I had and explained the operation fully.

  • Clear, better tasting.

  • My skin and hair become softer.

  • We are very happy with your services. I called several times before we had our water treated and every time your workers were extremely helpful and friendly.

    Dave and Jackie
  • He left the house in better condition than what he found it! Excellent service.  You went above and beyond my expectations.

  • All staff were very helpful and friendly.

  • Very good.

  • Results have been impressive.

  • I couldn't be more pleased. No more carrying large water bottles. Thank you Johnathan!

    Lynn & Jamey
  • Extremely satisfied.  Prompt, courteous, accommodating service.

    Philip & Jennifer
  • The price was very competitive, the service, top of the line.

    Mike & Roxanne
  • Tastes better. Peace of mind knowing no arsenic and uranium.

  • Prompt and Personable.

  • ...it certainly is good drinking H2O now.

    Cecil & Jillian
  • Professional, courteous, knowledgeable

  • Little to no smell in our water. Better taste.

    Craig and Lisa
  • Water is now clear

    Terry & Randy
  • Your company has provided us with exceptional service. When you book an appointment you show up on-time and take the time to do the job right.

    Robert & Wendy
  • Such a treat to have tea or coffee without the taste of chlorine.

    Gerry and Shirley
  • Just wanted to say thanks for doing such an excellent job!!

  • Absolutely. This is the 4th water treatment company I have tried and the only improvement from all.

  • Darwin Seale answered all my questions, was incredibly good natured about my questioning, and offered exceptional service both pre and post installation of my Reverse Osmosis system. I did not hesitate to give the "local guys" my business and am glad... I cannot say enough about this company!

  • 5 Stars

  • All odours are gone, smell is clean.

    Lou and Diane
  • It's nice to see that a company will stand behind their product.

    Kim and James
  • Drinkable.

  • I very much enjoyed the attitude, cleanliness, and professionalism of the technician who came.

  • Very polite and courteous.

  • My experience was A+++... Very professional, helpful.  At no time did I doubt, or have reason to, the service I was getting.

  • Excellent! It's how I wish every visit by a contractor or service tech would go.

    Brian & Connie
  • Extremely pleased and have recommended your to others.

    • Very positive
    • Fast reply to email
    • knowledgeable / patient technician: Jonathan answered my questions as he worked and let me take pictures and record notes in case I have any problems in the future.  He also told me how to maintain the unit.

  • Many thanks to John for going the extra mile for us.

  • Excellent Service! Uses much less salt than my old Culligan. Reliably soft water.  No iron staining.

  • It's the first time in 11 years that I can drink the water.

    Etta and Kevin
  • We were really impressed with all aspects of installation.

  • Your company was awesome to deal with!

    Fenton & Darlene
  • The benefits of your water treatment system are many.

    Cliffe and Claire
  • Efficient and effective.  The tech was on time for the appointment and completed the service in a timely manner and fixed the problem (smell).

  • Tastes great! Thanks!

    Ryan and Amy
  • Major improvement.  I had such high iron.  Now there is no staining on clothes when doing laundry or in sinks etc.  Dishes don't turn black now.

  • Water tastes better, isn't coming out yellow staining everything.

  • They also were the most economical.  Great customer service - knowledgeable staff.

    David & Nancy
  • Huge difference.

  • Softer skin and hair. Better water and less soap needed.

    Bruce and Mary
  • Excellent

  • Professional / well spoken - explained everything. Very positive!

  • When I called the man that answered was very friendly and professional, a huge change from the company we used previously, so I decided to give you a try.

    Lisa & Scott
  • For the past ten years we have been unable to drink our household water. We wouldn't even use it on our house plants... we now have excellent water... excellent service.

    Richard and Sandy
  • Extremely pleased!! There was no surprise pricing after the quote.

  • Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Everything was done in a professional manner. No smell, no colour, softer water, tastes great.

  • When talking on the phone, did not try to oversell me on upgrades.

  • Good - Excellent

  • Softer, takes less soap for washing and less for laundry.

  • Service was efficient and professional.  Very educational too! Our system is working very well.

    Doug & Sandy
  • We are extremely satisfied! We went form brown undrinkable water (new well) to crystal clean, beautiful soft water that is a pleasure to drink and use.

    Evan & Sharon
  • Washed clothes seem brighter, dishwasher looks cleaner... no rotten egg smell in the kitchen.

    Tracy & Todd
  • Our water is completely clear now!

    Laverne and Tanya
  • Very helpful and very courteous approach.

  • We don't mind when our baby drinks the bath water.

  • The water has improved immensely.

  • Very good... Friends recommendation

    Mike & Susan
  • Everything was done the way we were told it would be.

    Nancy & Danny
  • Ease the mind of knowing I am drinking clean water.

  • Clothes don't smell out of the washing machine.

  • We had very poor service from the Water Shed.  We called you and you were here within a few days.  Very prompt service, knowledgeable tech, overall great customer service.

  • Really noticeable with our laundry and showers.

  • I learned more about our water system in the short time John was there, than I had in the 8 years we've had it!

    Mark & Peggy
  • Very happy thanks Excellent... much softer and tastes better.

  • Pleasant.

  • ... it is reassuring that a professional has carried out the work and given appropriate advice.

    Simon & Clair
  • The only place we could get Watts products.  Others advertise Watts and then give you a knockoff product.

  • Softer water, you could tell by just washing your hands.

  • There is no more staining of the toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs, washing machine, dishwasher, and more importantly our china place settings.

    Brian and Heidi
  • We love our new water system, dishwasher is white inside again, toilet is flushing better, etc. What a difference!

    Rick & Sian
  • Yes, the water is much cleaner and I can drink and cook with it with no after affects.

    Barry & Sandi
  • Excellent. Accommodating Educational. Yes, lead has been reduced significantly.

  • Excellent overall experience.  Very efficient service from the first call to the initial assessment and final installation.  Excellent work and a great technician.

    Heather & Paul
  • I actually have been telling everyone about the wonderful change in our water.

    Etta and Kevin
  • You din't install our system - but we should have a called you you to do that - Don serviced our system and now is working!

  • Honesty in answering my questions in regards to my water problems.  Once product was bought I received the same excellent level of service!

  • Smells better and especially tastes better. I feel safe drinking it and letting my kids drink it.

  • Faucets, dishes & sink / toilet stay cleaner longer.  Hair softer, suds in the sink & washer have increased.

  • I am very pleased with the service I received from your company

    Harris and Annie
  • Excellent and informed installer and willing to return to tweek the system to our requirements.  So much softer and no staining in sanitary ware.

    David & Patricia
  • We have a new baby and when we would boil the bottles they were left with a white scum. Now with the new system we don't have that anymore.

    Bruce and Carol
  • Sinks, toilets, etc cleaner. Water tastes good and looks good.

  • System fully restored to previous output. Very satisfied.

    Ruby & Cory
  • We are very satisfied with the service we have received so far.

  • We were very pleased with our experience. We love our new RO system.  We were buying water before and now it's so much easier to go right to the sink for a good glass of water.

  • It is very comforting to know that it no longer contains arsenic!

  • We had a lovely experience! A+ Quality and price were the best!

    Jillian & Terry
  • Noticeably softer on the skin.

    Sean and Jane
  • Knowledgeable, Efficient...  Love my water...

    Margaret & Curtis
  • He was thorough, clear in his explanations, courteous, and responsive to our concerns.

    Earl & Sylvia
  • Prompt, courteous and extremely professional.  Our water problem was solved withing days of our initial phone call.

    Richard & Christina
  • Amazing. They guy was super helpful at answering my questions and explained everything to me.

    Morgan & Amanda
  • No more bottled water!

  • We installed our system because our water quality was terrible, although it was potable. We are very pleased with the results.

    Floyd & Cherie
  • Cheers to this better water system! Thank you!!

  • Correct, informative, good.

  • The best. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest score, your company is a 10.

  • [What were the most important reasons you chose Enviro Water Technologies?]

    • Prompt response.
    • Had product / solution I was looking for.
    • Didn't try to sell more than that.

  • It's nice to see that a company will stand behind their product.

    Kim and James
  • An excellent job.

  • Yes, no staining anymore. We now can buy white clothes again. Also, no smell. We have great H2O, thanks so much!!

    Teresa & David
  • I like that the system is relatively maintenance free. Great service.

  • Very professional and explained all details.

  • Totally, our water was "Black" coming out of the pipes, we couldn't shower in it let alone think of drinking it. Thank him [John Brown] from the bottom of our hearts and visit anytime.

    Mike & Maggie
  • Great service.

    Basil & Cathy
  • Water is no longer hard and the iron and sulfur smell is gone!

    Dave & Laura
  • Excellent and professional. Great Job!!

  • No more bottled water.

  • Very happy with service. Pleasant and satisfying. Significant [improvement in water quality].

    Tim & Amy
  • Excellent customer service... reverse osmosis water tastes great, no longer need to buy water from the grocery store.

    Chad and Megan
  • I do notice my hair softer and I'm quite pleased, I would recommend your company.

  • Yes, I can drink the tea! All tests came back perfect!

    Art & Barb
  • I would recommend this water system to my friends.

  • Yes! ***** 5-stars for sure.  Experience with Envirowater Technologies was top-notch from start to finish.

    Jim & Linda
  • Thank you for the excellent service, and for helping to restore my faith that there are still people who care about doing good work and treating people right. If you ever need a reference, I would be pleased to provide a glowing one.

  • It was very good. Very professional.

  • Everything was perfect 🙂 John was extremely knowledgeable and kind.

    Ghazala & Thomas
  • We were completely satisfied with our experience with Envirowater. The service was excellent and the products are too.

    Wade & Chantel
  • Above and beyond, with the installation.

  • Great service, Knowledgeable workers.

    Meander River Farm and Brewery
  • The taste of the water is better and we have the peace of mind that we are not consuming lead from our lead pipes.

    Adam & Marla
  • Our water tastes better.

    George and Doris
  • Keep up the good work / customer service.

  • We have been very pleased with the overall experience... we will definitely recommend you to our friends.

  • Drains, hoses and washer no longer plug up. Filters no longer need removal and rinsing.

  • Perfect response to my inquiry and timely installation.

    Donal & Leona
  • Finally able to drink my water with confidence.

  • The tech did respond immediately to repair it the following morning...

  • Great, Don helped me with an 'RO' filter issue that I had been having issues with for years.

    Chris & Shelly
  • Very good experience... found you easily online, quick responses to my email inquiry and follow ups. Good knowledge of products, had what I needed in stock.

  • [Important factors for choosing Enviro Water Technologies.] Product reviews and price as well as general customer service in helping my with my decision.

  • Very good

  • We have stopped buying bottled H2O, use less salt and are no longer dealing with rusty clothes. I would highly recommend!

  • It was great. No more water stains or smell.

    Angel & Lucas
  • No more brown spots on any clothing and my bathrooms are looking the same as the day we installed them.

    Cliff and Clare
  • Excellent prompt service.

  • Excellent.  The technician (John I think) was very knowledgeable and well prepared, and arrived on time.

  • My water is clearer, softer.

  • Great, very helpful.  Nathan was very knowledgeable and dealt with our water problems. Gave advice and solved our problems. Professional, good reputation.

    Vicki & Steve
  • Good, the installer took his time and did a great job!!

  • Excellent.  Absolutely and we notice a change by the next day.

    Claude & Debbie
  • Like night and day! P.S. In the thirteen years I have lived here my water was bad. No one could fix it. I tried a lot of companies. Envirowater solved my problems. Thanks.

  • The quality of water from the reverse-osmosis is phenomenal, it makes drinking a glass of water a pleasant experience again.

    Sean & Marion
  • Very professional and pleasant, a real relief considering most other companies a person has to deal with.

    Mike & Linda
  • Our guests always remark about our water in a very positive way.

    Eleanor and Henry
  • Drinking water is realy good.

  • The taste of the water makes it more encouraging to drink more. My skin dryness has improved.

    Pat & Robert
  • Very Satisfied.  You are the most qualified I have read.

    James & Barbara
  • The system works great and it is very nice to have clear water and it tastes good.

  • Great customer service... Yes - tastes much better!

  • The coffee tastes amazing! ... We will recommend reverse osmosis to everyone we know!

  • Overall our experience was excellent. They answered all of my silly questions.  The price was resolvable and service went above and beyond.

  • Very happy with the service, would certainly recommend to family friends or strangers.

  • Wonderful

  • It has made a huge difference in our household.

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